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Can Laser Hair Removal Leave Scars?


Laser hair removal is a very attractive option for individuals looking to cut down on the time and money they spend trying to repeatedly remove unwanted hair from their bodies. In fact, the treatment is one of the few that can provide permanent results. That said, some prospective patients shy away from laser hair removal, not due to the procedure’s costs, but because of the risk of scarring— a side effect witnessed in some rare laser hair removal cases. The question is, how concerned should you be with laser hair removal scarring, and how best can it be prevented?

The Risk of Laser Hair Removal Scarring

The truth is, scarring can occur in the laser hair removal process, but when a professional laser hair removal specialist performs the procedure, this sort of risk is greatly reduced, particularly for patients who are identified as suitable candidates for the treatment. This is because the number one cause of scarring during laser hair removal is incorrect use of the laser tool. When an unskilled person uses a laser improperly, they may penetrate too far into the skin, causing blistering or keloid scars. Different skin types require different lasers, so it important that a professional—and a professional only—perform the treatment, as he or she will have the training and expertise to know which laser to use and how to use it appropriately to remove hair while leaving your skin looking beautiful.

Some individuals are simply more susceptible to scarring, and this is something that a good laser hair removal specialist will always discuss with you beforehand. Some skin tones are more likely to scar, but this can usually be avoided altogether provided that your specialist selects the correct laser and setting for your skin. However, your body’s ability to heal will also affect your likelihood of scarring. If you have difficulty healing, you may be more likely to experience scars. Users of certain acne medications may also be at greater risk of scarring. This is why sharing your medical history with your laser hair removal provider is essential during the consultation process.

The Rule of Thumb for Preventing Laser Hair Removal Scars

In the end, those who select an inexperienced, non-reputable laser hair removal technician will always be at the greatest risk for laser hair removal scars. The best decision you can make to prevent laser hair removal scarring is to select a proven, professional laser clinic for your treatment. When selecting a provider for your procedure, Hair Removal Forum is a trusted and reliable resource. We can set up your consultation with an experienced laser hair removal specialist in your area, who will evaluate your skin and candidacy for the treatment. Knowing you’re in the hands of a reputable professional is the greatest assurance for beautiful, healthy, hair-free skin.

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