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Exclusive Laser Hair Removal Reviews and Testimonials


Before choosing to undergo laser hair removal for the first time, people typically have many questions about the process. How much does laser hair removal cost? Are there any side effects? How effective is it? What is the recovery process like?

The best way to answer questions about laser hair removal, on a personal level, is by meeting with a local hair removal provider to assess your unwanted hair conditions, and to make custom treatment recommendations. However, conducting your own hair removal research and reading laser hair removal reviews from real patients may also prove helpful.

Laser hair removal reviews can provide prospective patients with unique insight into this treatment, gleaned from others' present and past hair removal experiences. Below are some first-hand laser hair removal reviews* from hair removal patients around the country!

*names of people and hair removal clinics have been removed from reviews for anonymity

Arizona Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"They are very nice and answered all my questions. I look forward to the procedure and feel very good about it. I would also like to have photographs taken of me "before and after" and to possibly help others make their decisions to go forward with their procedure."
-P.H. (Phoenix, AZ) – laser hair removal review

"This appointment was for my 15-year-old daughter. Our consultant was very helpful and professional. My daughter and I both felt very comfortable with the procedure and company after talking to her."
-K.G. (Queen Creek, AZ) – laser hair removal review

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California Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"I would like for the technicians to ask for more guidance on areas of interest. Didn't always feel like I was getting coverage far enough into peripheral areas for the brazilian and the underarms."
-S.M. (Carlsbad, CA) – upper lip, underarms and Brazilian laser hair removal review

"I have to admit I had a good experience but I wish they had a male on staff. Due to personal insecurities I would have felt more comfortable with a male..."
-J.J. (Clovis, CA) – shoulders and back laser hair removal review

"I purchased a package of treatments for my upper lip - it's not a one time affair. I've had about five tretments so far. The attractive part of the offer is that I contracted for about 8 treatments - and I may come in any time for up to a year later if any hair should re-appear. The results are not final yet."
-K.O. (Garden Grove, CA) – upper lip laser hair removal review (Garden Grove, CA)

"The staff are very kind, helpful and personable. Appointments are usually available to fit my schedule. The hair removal is still in process, I don't remember being told it would take this length of time, but maybe I was told and just don't remember. If it works, it will be worth the money for that,,, I have 2 more months before I find that out."
-J.H.(Sacramento, CA) – laser hair removal review

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Florida Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"The laser hair removal procedure does not have very successful results for people of my ethnicity, which was only mentioned to me lightly..."
-V.W. (Lauderdale Lakes, FL) – laser hair removal review

"It was very expensive.. I was thinking of not doing it because of the price. I was able to get a discount which made my decision to go forward with it. I am still not finished with it."
-B.K. (Miami, FL) – laser hair removal review

"I loved the people there. They made you feel so comfortable. I am glad that [Hair Removal Forum] recommended this company. They are very professional but yet casual. A great combonation of people work there. I would definately go back for more services."
-M.M. (West Palm Beach, FL) – upper lip laser hair removal review

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Illinois Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"I can't rate my final results, because my treatments are not finished yet. I have at this time received 3 treatments to this date, and the hair loss to date is wonderful..."
-S.W. (Aurora, IL) – laser hair removal review

"My first treatment was done too quickly and the technician pressed into my face strongly. My second treatment and treatments thereafter were provided by a more skilled and knowledgeable technician. I have been very pleased since."
-C.J. (Chicago, IL) – laser hair removal review

"I had my first appointment with [Hair removal consultant] on Saturday. And I felt very comfortable and at ease with all of her explanations. The laser was not as painful as I anticipated. And I was surprised that the visit lasted only an hour (as I had had previous experience with another office taking about 3-4 hours to complete the procedure. I was very pleased with the professionalism of the staff and the cleanliness of the suites. I wish I would've had this experience with the previous firm, as I had invested a lot of time and money into getting just mediocre results. I love the fact that there is a 2 year guarantee in writing. I am looking forward to seeing the results!..."
-A.T. (Chicago, IL) – chin, legs and bikini laser hair removal review

"Person I met with put me at ease and answered all my questions (no matter how many times I asked the same question). She was clear about the necessary committment and my treatments so far have been great. I have only had three treatments on my face and will have treatments on my feet soon. My answers and comments are based on the results so far."
-A.G. (Hazel Crest, IL) – laser hair removal review

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Massachusetts Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"[Hair removal clinic] in Braintree, MA had a canceled appointment that did not fit my needs and the very courteous staff was able to reschedule another client and take me right away. I was extremely pleased with the service and the procedure. It was not painful at all as I expected, and I would recommend anyone to use this company. The operator was pleasant, discreet, and very professional. The price is steep but comparable to other companies and the service is impeccable."
-J.L. (Brockton, MA) – chest laser hair removal review

"I have only had 4 treatments so far. I have seen some improvement in the chin area but not much in the upper lip area. Maybe I am expecting to much to soon only time will tell."
-L.R. (Worcester, MA) – face laser hair removal review

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Michigan Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"I have not completed my treatment, but after 2 sessions I am completely satisfied with the outcome. I started loosing hair after the first treatment and after the second I have lost about 40% of the unwanted hair! I would highly recommend Laser Treatment Center of America to all my friends and Family!"
-J.G. (Clio, MI) – upper lip and chin laser hair removal review

"I've just had my 4th treatment. At this point, I haven't yet seen the results I'd like. Hopefully things will improve by the time I've finished treatment."
-L.W. (Comstock Park, MI) – face laser hair removal review

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New Jersey Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"My experience thus far has been excellent. I paid for a total of 3 treatments and I have had 2 treatments already. I can see a big diffence in my skin and less growth of hair. I would definietly recommend this provider to anyone that need skincare, laser hair removal etc. I love that the price is very affordable."
-D.H. (Roselle, NJ) – laser hair removal review

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New Mexico Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"I purchased 6 sessions of hair removal. I have only completed 3 but so far am very happy with the results. [Hair removal consultant] has been wonderful. Very informative and knowledgable. She has a lot of experiance and carries it very well. I always feel safe and compfortable when she is treating me. I would recommend this treatment to anyone..."
-K.S. (Santa Fe, NM) – laser hair removal review

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New York Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"The staff at the [Hair removal clinic] in White Plains was absolutely wonderful. I went there with my 2 yr old expecting only a consultation. I wound up having the actual procedure done. They were warm, friendly, very professional and even watched my 2 year old while I had the procedure done! The laser hair removal procedure itself was also very good. Quick. No pain. Exceeded my expectations. I will definitely return for follow up!"
-T.G. (Mount Vernon, NY) – laser hair removal review

"The experience has been fine. But after three treatments I'm not seeing any less hair growth in the areas I'm having treated."
-E.M. (New York, NY) – chin and areola laser hair removal review

"The whole process was very pleasant and informative. The specialist was patient and very knowledgeable. I was put at ease about the procedure even though I had some apprehensions. I had the procedure that day because I was satisfied with how my questions were answered. I was worried about my sensitive skin but after the procedure my skin reacted like the specialist had mentioned and I was very happy with the results."
-S.R. (Yonkers, NY) – underarm laser hair removal review

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Pennsylvania Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"[Hair removal clinic] has been very gracious about working with my schedule and has been quite respectful of my privacy issues. Staff has been very helpful and friendly."
-C.D. (Bangor, PA) – neck and face laser hair removal

"I was scared at first but I knew I could do this. The first visit I was not sure how I would handle the hair removal on my face. I'm not done yet with my sessions, so I can't tell you if I'm satisfied. I do see hair slowly going away. If this works I might get some other procedure done."
-A.W. (Pottstown, PA) – face laser hair removal review

"I didn't purchase the service because I was unaware of the pricing. I didn't qualify for the payment plan but I did appreciate the options provided regarding the follow-up services provided and the track record of experience. I will have to save my money in order to return and get the treatment I sought for the consultation."
-D.R. (West Mifflin, PA) – laser hair removal review

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Tennessee Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"Everything went well. The staff was extremely helpful and professional and made the experience more agreeable as I was really nervous about doing this." -A.I. (Lafayette, GA) – bikini line haser hair removal review

"I felt like the treatment was hastened at each visit. I still noticed hair after each treatment, which I dont think was properly removed. I think a better job could be done to ensure adequate removal at each treatment."
-S.P. (Nashville, TN) – laser hair removal review

"All of the folks I have met at the center are great...I do not feel it is from anything they have done but I do not feel the laser hair removal is working for me. It may be the dark pigmentation of my skin...I find myself still having to shave or use hair removal products twice per week. I have continued with this treatment, one, to see if it will eventually work and two, because I am paying for it. I just do not feel I will get the results I was going for..."
-B.R. (Russellville, KY) – laser hair removal review

"I was really happy with their services. I would love to go back they know how to treat their customers."
-B.L. (Horn Lake, MS) – upper lip laser hair removal review

Find a Tennessee hair removal clinic.

Texas Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"I am waiting to see some results. I have received 4 treatments and have not seen a decrease in hair growth at all. I am not sure how long it is supposed to take to see at least a small increase in growth."
-A.J. (Crane, TX) – face laser hair removal review

"Being African American, I was very hesitant about scarring from the lasers. [Hair removal consultant] was very helpful in answering all my questions and giving me extra information about my options in permanent hair removal. I left the clinic that day still uneasy about laser use on my face (since I'm getting ready for my wedding...) but within 3 hours, I called back and signed a contract. I couldn't be happier with the service I have received at the clinic. If I had to do it all over again....I would. I've even recommended other friends of mine who are also African American."
-R.K. (Helotes, TX) – chin and upper lip laser hair removal review

"The staff at the center are excellent and very professional. They always make me feel very welcome and schedule the appointments around my schedule...the permanent hair removal on my legs, under arms and bikini will be something I have to wait to see if it works as I have only have 2 treatments."
-V.A. (Spring, TX) – leg, underarm and bikini laser hair removal review

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Washington Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"I wish the person doing the treatment would apply some sort of "numbing" cream to the area being worked on...and also to be more attentive to areas and not too fast."
-N.C. (Seattle, WA) – legs, bikini line and underarm laser hair removal review

"I have not completed the 6 visits, so evaluating my overall satisfaction is difficult...I am very satisfied thus far."
-S.E. (Shoreline, WA) – face laser hair removal review

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Wisconsin Laser Hair Removal Reviews

"The treatment [at one hair removal clinic] did not work. The hairs were not removed and grew back in the same place. I went somewhere else and have had no regrowth in 5 weeks and counting."
-E.R. (Racine, WI) – laser hair removal review

"The only thing I don't particularly like is that the same person who I first talked to and felt comfortable with is not the same person who will continue with my future procedures..."
-S.F. (Redgranite, WI) – neck and chin laser hair removal review

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Finding a Laser Hair Removal Clinic

No matter where you live, it's important that all of your hair removal services are performed by licensed, professional aestheticians and dermatologists. They should have both the experience and the medical laser technology necessary to achieve successful laser hair removal.

Scheduling a consultation appointment with a local laser hair removal professional is the best way to get your laser hair removal treatment underway—and to get specific answers to your laser hair removal questions!

For those who have already undergone laser hair removal treatments, we invite you to post a review of your own experiences for the benefit of future hair removal patients.

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