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Laser Hair Removal Near the Eyes: Is It Safe?


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While FDA approved and proven safe and effective for everything from the upper lip and chin to the bikini line, laser hair removal still leaves many prospective patients apprehensive when it comes to treatments in close vicinity to the eyes. This may include high on the cheeks, above the eyebrows, or between the eyes and above the nose. Let’s take a closer look at the legitimate risks of laser hair removal around the eyes, as well as the safety precautions enacted by laser technicians to keep your eyes protected.

Risks of Laser Hair Removal Near the Eyes

A laser is an intense light beam that is used for a variety of cosmetic procedures, including hair removal. While lasers are considered an effective way of treating a variety of cosmetic and medical concerns, the misuse of these tools can also cause significant damage to the skin and surrounding tissues. Additional concern is warranted when working with lasers close to the eyes, since these sensitive organs are vulnerable to additional damage by laser light beams.

The biggest risk with laser light is that it can burn the retina and cause significant, permanent damage to the eye, without causing any sort of pain in the process. The patient and doctor may not know that damage is occurring until after the fact – when it is too late to do anything about it. Laser hair removal can also cause scarring to the skin and tissues around the treatment area. This can be particularly true on the most vulnerable areas, such as the sensitive areas around the eyes.

To Treat or Not to Treat?

That is the question that plagues patients looking for means of permanent hair removal around the eyes and the doctors who perform such procedures. Some clinics and cosmetic surgeons do not recommend laser hair removal for the eyebrows or area between the brows because the risk is simply too great. These professionals typically suggest other methods of hair removal, including tweezing and waxing or electrolysis, as alternatives for this specific facial region.

If you do find a doctor willing to perform laser hair removal around the eyes, it is very important to do your homework before setting up an appointment for the procedure. There are three factors that affect the safety of laser hair removal around the eyes:

  • Laser Irradiance (the amount of light energy emitted from the laser)
  • Exposure Duration (how long your skin and eyes are exposed to the light)
  • Beam Size

The right tool must be used when performing laser hair removal in this area, to ensure the process is as safe and successful as possible. This is why it is essential to visit a specialist who is experienced in this type of hair removal before considering such a treatment.

Safety eyewear is another important factor in a safe treatment experience. Each laser requires a specialized type of eyewear that protects the eyes from that specific laser light. An experienced doctor will know which eyewear offers the best protection, and will require the patient to use the eyewear throughout the entire procedure. In addition, most doctors will also ask patients to keep their eyes closed during the treatment for additional protection.

Effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal Around the Eyes

The other question to ask when considering laser hair removal around the eyes is whether the treatment would be the most effective method for removing facial hair. Some men and women find that their facial hair is simply too light in color and fine in texture to respond well to laser hair removal. Because the laser targets the pigment in the hair follicle, patients with lighter hair color or darker skin tones are not always ideal candidates for this procedure. If you fall into this category, you’ll want to consult with your laser hair removal specialist in detail before determining if you’re a good candidate for the treatment.

Laser hair removal is a highly effective way of getting rid of unwanted face and body hair. However, when it comes to hair around the sensitive region of the eyes, make sure you elicit the services of a highly experienced professional before going ahead you’re your first session.

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