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The Laser Hair Removal Experience

Is laser hair removal right for you? Before making this big time – and financial commitment, find out exactly what the procedure entails. With that information, you can make an informed decision regarding this method of semi-permanent hair removal.

How It Works

Concentrated laser light zeroes in the melanin in the hair, and the light destroys the hair from the root. Because hair grows at different cycles, you’ll need several treatment sessions spaced about one month apart. For most people, that’s between eight to 12 sessions, which means you could spend up to a year having your hair removed via laser. The length of each treatment sessions depends on where you are having the treatment and the amount of hair.

Skin Tone Considerations

If you are light-skinned with dark hair, you’re probably a good candidate for laser hair removal. If your skin is dark, you can still have your hair removed via laser, but a different type of laser is necessary. Before making an appointment, ask whether the technician has experience in removing hair from darks-skinned people – you don’t want to serve a teaching instrument. If your skin is light and your hair is, too, the lack of melanin means laser hair removal isn’t a good choice for you.


Strict preparation prior to lasering is necessary, and this holds true throughout the entire process. Forget tanning or using tanning beds while undergoing laser hair removal. Wear sunscreen whenever you are outdoors if the treatment area is exposed. While going through the procedure, do not pluck or wax your remaining hairs. Shaving or using depilatories is fine. In fact, you will probably receive instructions to carefully shave the area the day before laser treatment.

Does It Hurt?

Laser hair removal has been described as having little rubber bands snapping on the treated area. It’s more annoying than painful. Even if you have a low pain threshold, laser hair removal shouldn’t bother you much. The technician will apply a topical anesthetic cream prior to treatment to reduce any pain as much as possible.

Realistic Goals

When your sessions are done, your skin is hair-free and silky smooth. However, while your hair should never come back in the amount prior to laser hair removal, you will likely require an annual or semi-annual touch-up to rid yourself of errant hairs. For a lucky few, the procedure is permanent, and they need never have any laser work done again.

If you or anyone you know would like more information about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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