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Laser Hair Removal Before & After Photos


Any reputable laser hair removal clinic or medical spa will have a gallery of before and after pictures to share with prospective patients. For the clinic, these before and after photos primarily serve as a showcase for their skills and treatment success. For the consumer, however, looking at laser hair removal before and after photos is often the first step in assessing whether a professional procedure might be the best decision for them.

Because hair pigmentation, skin type, and treatment area are all huge factors in the laser hair removal process, the procedure will not have universally applicable results from one patient to the next. Before and after pictures allow us to get a better idea of how laser treatments can work for people of similar hair and skin types, or people focusing on a specific area of the body for hair removal-- be it the back, bikini line, or face. In other words, before & after images are your best direct evidence of whether this is truly your best investment to make.

With this in mind, Hair Removal Forum has collected a new batch of professional laser hair removal before and afters (to go with our standard gallery), featuring some images from the offices of various HRF clients from across the country. If or when you elect to attend a free consultation with a local laser clinic, you'll be able to see dozens more photos from that office, covering a wide range of results from male and female patients, light skin and dark skin, large treatment areas and small. To find a local provider and schedule your consultation, contact us today!

Facial Laser Hair Removal Before & After Photos

Chest Laser Hair Removal Before & After Photos

Back Laser Hair Removal Before & After Pictures

Arm & Underarm Laser Hair Removal Before & After Photos

Bikini Laser Hair Removal Before & After Photos

Before and after pictures courtesy of Maya Medspa (Wheeling, IL), Cosmetic Laser Center (Los Angeles, CA), Purity MediSpa (Libertyville, IL), and SilkTouch Laser (New York, NY)

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Laser Hair Removal Before & After Photo Gallery
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