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Kim Kardashian Hocks TRIA Hair Removal


Kim Kardashian may have solidified her title for most enthusiastic celebrity spokesmodel. As a group, the Kardashian sisters have endorsed everything from designer apparel and perfume, to lollipops, Carl’s Jr. and cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal.

While Kim Kardashian has been fairly open about her personal cosmetic rap sheet, which includes Botox injections and VelaShape treatments, she has been a long-time fan and personal endorser of laser hair removal. Most recently, Kardashian talked up TRIA—today’s best-selling at-home hair removal system—on The Early Show and The Rachael Ray Show.

Kim Kardashian: "I laser hair removal all the time…"

Quoted in Allure magazine as being "obsessed with laser hair removal, " Kim Kardashian is an admitted laser hair removal convert, as are her sisters (Khloé and Kourtney) and even her mother. Kim and Khloé even underwent a live bikini hair removal session on their show Keeping up with the Kardashians in 2010.

Now, Kim Kardashian is spreading the word that hair removal with the TRIA is a great at-home option for people who "grow a lot of hair" just like her. In December of 2010, Kardashian was interviewed by Rachael Ray and by The Early Show’s Erica Hill to discuss why she chose to endorse TRIA, and who can benefit from this home hair removal device.

On both programs Kardashian reassured us of her appreciation for laser hair removal, but didn’t quite convince us she’s an actual TRIA user.

Kim Kardashian: "I would use [TRIA] anyway, endorsing it or not"

FDA approved in 2008, the TRIA at-home laser hair removal system has been sold to and successfully reviewed by many. But how does Kim Kardashian feel about TRIA?

When asked by Erica Hill why she chose to endorse the TRIA system, Kardashian commented that "it was a no-brainer" for her, mainly given its promise of convenience, and Kardashian’s personal understanding of frequent hair removal—Kardashian often jokes that her Armenian roots are to blame for having lots of unwanted hair, and it’s "definitely something that you want to get rid of".

Kardashian also lamented the difficulties of staying hair-free while traveling and living a busy lifestyle. "I find [laser hair removal]’s really hard especially being on the road…you kind of have to stick to like every 6 weeks, do the treatment".

In addition to TRIA’s reported ease, convenience and FDA clearance, Kardashian also plugged cost benefits as a reason to purchase the TRIA. Kardashian told Hill, "why not tell people…inform them that there is something that you can do at home that’s a lot cheaper than going to a beauty clinic and getting laser hair removaled, and you can do it in the privacy of your home".

Does Kim Kardashian Actually Use TRIA? Should You?

In spite of Kardashian’s support and enthusiasm for TRIA in these interviews, she never comes out and says that she’s used the TRIA—she never discusses personal experiences she’s had with TRIA’s effectiveness or results.

While this might have been unintentional vagueness on her part, it’s more likely that Kardashian either doesn’t use the TRIA, or the TRIA results she’s experienced were too poor or unimpressive to mention as a TRIA endorser. It’s also a widely known fact that Kardashian’s professed laser hair removal "obsession" was built on her satisfaction with professional laser treatments, not with at-home hair removal devices.

In conclusion, the convenience and privacy promised with TRIA treatments could be just what some hair removal patients want and need. However, the effectiveness, safety and personalized results of at-home hair removal aren’t likely to compare with professional laser hair removal treatments.

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