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Kim Kardashian Sued by Hair Removal Competitor


Gossip magazine queen Kim Kardashian now has even more legal trouble to deal with than her impending divorce from Kris Humphries: she’s being sued by a company that manufacturers at-home hair removal products. The lawsuit comes amidst claims that Kardashian has been making false statements regarding TRIA laser hair removal system , for which she acts as spokesperson.

But it’s not TRIA that’s having an issue with Kim Kardashian—it’s actually TRIA’s questionably envious competitor, Radiancy. Radiancy produces the popular hair removal tool no!no!. Exclusively sold at Sephora, no!no! harnesses the power of heat to remove hair at the follicle. No!no! does not claim to be a solution for permanent hair removal, but promises to slow the growth of unwanted hair. No!no!’s product lineup includes a few different hair removal tools, each of them formulated differently for usage on different parts of the body.

Unlike no!no!, the TRIA hair removal does use a laser. TRIA also claims most users will see permanent hair removal results after six months of treatment. These two characteristics set TRIA closer to a professional laser hair removal treatment, and a bar above no!no!.

So what’s the problem? Radiancy has claimed that TRIA’s spokesperson, Kim Kardashian, has been fueling false beliefs about the competitor’s product. Kardashian has said that she uses TRIA everywhere on her body that she wants to remove hair—something that, according to Radiancy, is dangerous. There is at-home laser hair removal device that can treat just any body part, said Radiancy. That’s why there are several no!no! devices for various parts of the body. Radiancy is also upset that Kardashian has claimed that she has no use for shaving or waxing anymore, because you must shave before using the TRIA.

Radiancy is suing for unspecified damages, but it’s pretty evident that the laser hair removal company is unhappy with TRIA’s market share based on some possibly inaccurate claims. It might make more sense for Radiancy to sue TRIA rather than Kim Kardashian, since TRIA is endorsing her.

Professional Laser Hair Removal

At-home laser hair removal tools like the TRIA and Radiancy’s no!no! were developed in order to mimic the effects of professional laser hair removal. In an office setting, laser hair removal is easy, almost painless, and most importantly, permanent. If you’d like to learn more about laser hair removal, contact our representatives today. We’ll set up a complimentary consultation with a laser hair removal specialist in your area who can help you decide if permanent hair removal is right for you.

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