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How to Care For Your Skin Pre- and Post-Waxing


Earlier this month, Shobha Tummala, founder of her own chain of hair removal salons, offered her own expert advice on the subject to Elle Magazine.

Go prepared

"Like brushing your teeth before you go to the dentist, come to your waxing appointment with clean, dry skin,” Tummala recommended to Elle.

We suggest skipping any lotions and ointments the day of your waxing session to avoid exfoliation that may increase sensitivity.

Get hairy

Avoid shaving for about a half a month prior to your waxing session.

“Your hair needs to be long enough to lie flat on your skin, which is approximately a quarter-inch long,” Tummala told Elle. “If you’re a 'shaver,' the tendency is for the hairs to grow back unevenly, since we can all miss a few patches here and there.”

In other words, having more hair will make it easier to have a comprehensive waxing session and the hair removal session will ultimately be more effective.

“The longer you wait after your last shave, the more you will reduce the chance of stubble after your wax,” Tummala explained to Elle. “This happens when hairs that are too short get waxed and aren’t able to be effectively removed from the root."

Avoid certain waxing when PMSing

You may have noticed how much more sensitive your body becomes when you are on your period. Likewise, your immune system is reduced when you are PMSing.

"Generally, it is best to get a bikini treatment at least a few days before or after your period,” Tummala commented to Elle.

Pain reliever

If you are nervous about the pain, consider taking a pain reliever prior to the hair removal treatment.

“If you tend to have a very low threshold for pain, try popping an Advil or Tylenol about 20 minutes before your treatment,” Tummala suggested to Elle.

Shobha also suggest a glass of wine but alcohol thins the blood, so you should only drink in moderation if at all.

Wax just what you see

Do It Yourself waxing can get pretty hairy. Although we recommend professional hair removal experts to avoid any unnecessary pain or injury, the choice is ultimately is up to the individual.

“Chances are, if you can’t see it, things are more likely to go awry, which can result in unflattering bruising [or] other skin traumas,” Tummala explained to Elle.

We also suggest having a friend around.

“The 'You wax mine, I’ll wax yours' concept works well and can also provide some memorable entertainment," Tummala told Elle.

48 Hours of Convalescence

Your freshly waxed skin will be extra sensitive and susceptible to bacteria and irritation. Shobha suggests the 4 S’s to avoid in the 48 hours after your hair removal session: sun, sauna, synthetics and sex.

Secure Smooth Skin

Once the waxing session is over, we recommend applying a cold compress or topical treatment to avoid redness and irritation. Exfoliating and treating your skin will remove dead skin and help prevent ingrown hairs.

"Post-wax, remember the acronym SET, which stands for Soothe, Exfoliate, Treat,” Tummala recommended to Elle.

Keep Going

“Schedule your waxing appointments about a month apart, exfoliate between visits, and don’t shave for the best results!” Tummala told Elle. “If you get your routine down pat, you’ll find your waxes to also be less painful since the hair is typically at its ideal growth between weeks three and five.”

Remember that the longer you wait, the longer your hair will grow and be more painful when you ultimately decide to undergo your next waxing session.

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