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Ranking the Best Home Electrolysis Systems


It’s inevitable that permanently removing unwanted body hair takes time and money. But for many women desperate to rid themselves of excessive growth and incessant stray hairs, the cost can be a real issue. Electrolysis is a great way to permanently remove hair, but the cost can run pretty high, particular for larger treatment areas. So a number of women are turning to at-home solutions in order to save some money and, hopefully, remove unflattering stubble.

Since waxing and shaving are temporary solutions to the problem, women are looking into home electrolysis systems. Most systems are available on the market, and the reasonable prices make them convenient for many women. But which is the best home electrolysis system?

Which Home Electrolysis System is Best for You?

Of all the home electrolysis systems on the market right now, one of the best is the One Touch Deluxe from Inverness. This system costs less than $40 and claims to be safe, fast and easy to use. Professional electrolysis has far more advanced equipment, but the One Touch is the only home product that emulates real electrolysis with a probe that can insert into the follicle. The One Touch home electrolysis system has been said to be the only home product proven effective for permanent hair removal. While reviews have been mixed, positive reviews of the One Touch have emphasized its convenient size and the comfort control dial that lets you customize your treatment. The one touch also features a self adjusting stylet tip that supposedly can't pierce the skin. This system lets women perform clinic-like electrolysis from the privacy of their own home.

The Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System is a versatile and affordable home electrolysis system. The product is said to remove unwanted hair without pain or needles. The Verseo ePen uses the same techniques that the professional clinics do when performing electrolysis, stating that it uses galvanic technology that transmits special currents to the root of the hair, preventing hair from growing back. The Verseo ePen is ideal for smaller areas of the body like the upper lip, chin, cheeks and eyebrows, however the kit does include adhesive patches that can be used on legs and other larger areas. It is said that after only a few weeks of using the ePen, consumers will start to notice a decrease in hair growth, and soon hair will permanently be removed without the expense of several spa visits.

Another at-home solution for removing unwanted hair is the Vector Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal System. This device is FDA registered to perform home electrolysis through the use of galvanic tweezers and electric currents. How the Vector works is pretty basic. An electrode patch connected to the Vector machine is placed over unwanted hair, while the tweezers are attached to the machine by a second wire. Conductivity gel is coated over the hair, and then the hair is grasped by the tweezers. The current flows into the follicle, creating a chemical reaction with the water in the body, which dissolves the hair for good. The Vector Home Electrolysis System, while effective, takes a long time to remove hair and is pricier than many other systems, selling at a staggering $199.95. Despite the cost, the Vector is still a cheaper option than professional electrolysis.

There are a couple other home electrolysis systems that claim to be effective solutions for removing hair permanently. The IGIA Finally Gone Hair Removal System uses galvanic energy to remove hair, and offers consumers the choice between two removal methods: single hair application or multi-hair treatment. The BaByliss 8639U Epiliss 3 in 1 Electrolysis System lets consumers progressively reduce their hair from the comfort of their own home using three different interchangeable attachments to treat individual hairs, small areas or larger areas of hair.

With the number of reasonably priced home electrolysis systems available, many women are inclined to take the convenient and economic route to get rid of their unwanted hair. But home hair care solutions are not always the best way to go when permanently removing hair.

Do Home Electrolysis Systems Really Work?

While the concept of home electrolysis is appealing, there are some disadvantages to choosing convenience over experience. The technique behind electrolysis requires a probe to be inserted into the right location to deactivate the hair growth. It takes a great deal of skill and concentration to perform, and many women do not have the proper training.

Many home electrolysis systems do not perform the same way real electrolysis does, in that they lack the use of a probe. Those that do have probes can often be dangerous in untrained hands, leaving consumers with soreness and scarring that could have been avoided by visiting a specialist.

On top of the skill required to perform home electrolysis and the potential dangers involved in the procedure, the issue of time is a great concern. Even if the chosen home electrolysis system works, the process can take a very long time. Removing just a small amount of hair can take hours, when a trained professional can finish the job in half the time.

What Method of Hair Removal Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing between home electrolysis systems or visiting a trained hair removal specialist, you need to weigh every factor. Home electrolysis is more cost efficient and convenient, but it comes with some potential risks and side effects that may outweigh the positives. Plus, if time is something you just don’t have, then home electrolysis systems are not the right way to go, since they require hours of dedication.

If you are seriously considering electrolysis, it is best to speak with a trained hair removal specialist who can give you all the details of the procedure, including the facts about both professional treatment and home electrolysis. If the price still concerns you after consulting with a physician, it is possible to set up a payment plan for your treatment, so you can budget accordingly. It is important to keep in mind that electrolysis works well for smaller areas of the body, but if you want to treat larger areas like the legs or arms, laser hair removal is usually a better method.

To learn more about your electrolysis options or to find a specialist in your area, contact us today.

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