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Review: Gigi Hair Removal Cream


Gigi Hair Removal Cream is one of the many products in the ranks of over-the-counter hair removal treatments available for individuals looking to eliminate unwanted hair. Gigi makes hair removal creams for the face, as well as for legs/bikini area. The facial hair removal cream uses cucumber and aloe vera to cool and moisturize the skin while gently removing hair. It is recommended for those whose skin is too sensitive for facial waxing. The leg and bikini hair removal cream also uses cucumber and aloe vera, and is purportedly gentle on the skin.

How Do You Use Gigi Hair Removal Cream?

Users simply apply the cream to the recommended area from which they want to remove hair. The product should stay on the area for five to eight minutes. When time is up, users wipe off the product, and presumably the hair, with a damp cloth or paper towel. Usually, the cream is sold along with a calming balm that users apply after removing the hair removal cream.

Does Gigi Hair Removal Cream Work?

Some of the claims about Gigi Hair Removal Cream are that it effectively removes hair, keeps the skin smooth and hair-free for longer than shaving, and is gentler than waxing. Most online reviews agree that the system is gentle on skin. Some reviewers reported that the product worked well for them. They praised the ease of use, and asserted that Gigi’s brand worked better than competing hair removal creams. Other users, however, reported having to use massive amounts of the product to see any results—basically a full bottle or more. These users generally reported that hair removal, at best, was still patchy. Online reviews also criticized the product’s smell, and the fact that hair seemed to grow back just as quickly as it does after shaving.

Users who found that the cream wasn’t particularly effective generally did not complain about having wasted money on the product. Gigi Hair Removal Creams are inexpensive. A 2 oz. bottle of the leg/bikini cream runs around $7, and 1 oz. of the facial hair removal cream costs the same. Some users of Gigi Hair Removal Cream concede that “you get what you pay for.”

Should I Try Gigi Hair Removal Cream?

If you’re desperate for an alternative to shaving or waxing, but don’t want to spend money on a permanent hair loss solution, Gigi Hair Removal Cream might be worth a try. It’s important to consider that the product simply isn’t effective for everyone. But if you do try Gigi Hair Removal Cream, and it doesn’t work, at least you know that it’s not likely to harm your skin, and you won’t be out too much cash for the experiment.

What If I’m Tired of Trying All These Products?

If you’ve had it with shaving, tweezing, and waxing, and you’re looking for a permanent solution to hair removal, you may want to look into laser hair removal. There are several different ways that hair can be removed for good, and the process is generally pain-free.

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