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Getting Rid of Back Hair

Summer’s almost here, and especially hirsute males might start thinking about getting rid of unwanted back hair. A little bit of back hair on a guy isn’t an issue, but some men resemble another species from a rear view. If you’re a guy with a hairy back – or the significant other of such a person – here are some of the easiest and most effective ways to eradicate back hair before beach season. Some of these methods do require another person’s assistance.

Hair Removal Creams

The most comfortable ways to remove excess back and shoulder hair is via depilatories, or hair removal creams. Yes, a man probably needs help applying these creams to areas of the back he can’t reach. If that’s an issue, purchase a brush for lotion application. Choose a hair removal cream designed for male body hair. The depilatory breaks down the hair’s proteins, causing them to fall off. They do grow back within a few weeks, but it’s a process that only needs repeating three to five times over a summer. Leave the cream on for 5 to 10 minutes – any longer may cause a rash – then rinse it off in the shower with gentle soap and warm water.

Back and Shoulder Hair Only

Do not use male hair removal cream in the genital area. Just don’t. The skin is more sensitive there, and while you will lose hair you’ll also feel that fact for days afterward. The same holds true for using these types of depilatories in lieu of facial shaving. You’ll likely end up with an unsightly rash on your face.

Other Options

If you have the money and want to get rid of back hair for the long-term, consider electrolysis or laser hair removal. The former will eradicate hair for good, and the latter requires an annual touch-up session. Besides the expense, the downside for both of these methods is that you have to attend regular sessions stretching for months. If you want to get rid of your back hair by summer, get started around the New Year.

Shaving works in a pinch, although once again it’s not a process a guy can do alone. Waxing is another option, but men with sensitive skin may suffer rashes or breakouts. No point in replacing back hair with redness or zits. Depilatories remove hair for about the same length of time as waxing, with much less expense or trouble.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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