` Getting Rid of Those Awful Chin Hairs Once and For All
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Getting Rid of Those Awful Chin Hairs Once and For All


Many women don’t have to deal with pesky chin hairs, but for those that do, it’s a constant battle. Female chin hair develops due to the two “Hs” – hormones and heredity. Even birth control affects chin hair – once some women stop taking birth control pills, the body’s hormonal adjustment may cause chin hairs to sprout. Facial hair is more likely to grow during other hormonal changes in a woman’s life – during puberty, pregnancy and after menopause.

The Wrong Way to Remove Chin Hair

Women with chin hairs often use the exact wrong methodology to eradicate these stray strands. Tweezing, for example, will get rid of the hair temporarily, but it grows back in stronger. In fact, any kind of pulling on those hairs actually forces hair follicles to expand, so you end up with more chin hairs. Waxing exerts considerable pull, so it’s the worst method – you could end up looking like a bearded lady. Laser hair removal gets rid of the errant hairs, but not permanently. So, if tweezing, lasering and waxing are out, what’s a girl to do? There is a surefire, permanent method to eradicate chin hair, and it’s readily available.

Electrolysis Does the Trick

The only way to guarantee the destruction of chin hair is via electrolysis. With electrolysis, each unwanted facial hair is destroyed via the insertion of a probe into the hair follicle itself. Heat coming through the probe eliminates the follicle’s ability to produce hair by sealing its blood supply. It’s a safe procedure, with no side effects except for a temporary reddening of the treated area. Patients may feel a slight bit of discomfort when the probe is inserted, but it’s quite tolerable. If you’re a true painophobe, ask your licensed electrolysis practitioner to apply a topical anesthetic or try taking a couple of aspirin or other over-the-counter anti-inflammatories prior to the procedure. After treatment, avoid sun exposure for several days and use sunscreen to protect your skin. One important note: So-called “electronic tweezers” or similarly named devices are not electrolysis. Don’t fall for the idea that they are the same thing – your hairs will grow back if removed with any type of tweezers, electronic or old-school.

New Hairs

If you undergo electrolysis and notice chin hair growth, that doesn’t mean the original electrolysis did not work. Those are new chin hairs, not the old ones growing back. That means electrolysis isn’t necessarily a one-time event, but requires repeating as new hairs establish themselves. Electrolysis is a bit more expensive than professional waxing or other hair removal treatments, but it saves you money in the long run because it’s not a process requiring regular repeat visits.

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