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Get Bikini Ready with These Hair Removal Tips


Long gone are the short winter days when the last thing to worry about is how hairy your unshaved legs are underneath those jeans. With June just around the corner and summer officially beginning, now is the time to get your body hair-free and ready to reveal.

Who better to report on getting rid of unwanted hair for the height of the season than L.A. Bikini? Having likely the best beach bodies in the country, it’s definitely a city to take hair removal tips from. “Waxing has traditionally been the bikini-body hair removal method of choice. You can find waxing salons almost anywhere and it tends to be rather inexpensive,” says L.A. Bikini. “Plus it will remove hair, no questions about it.”

Then there is sugaring. Though it sounds sweet, it too can be painful, but not nearly as bad as waxing. Unlike wax, which adheres to the skin, sugar paste is applied at room temperature and only sticks to the hair, meaning it’s much less painful than wax.

Beyond waxing and sugaring is laser hair removal. A new age means to remove hair, beaming lasers into the follicle “causes continuing thermal damage that makes hair fall out,” reports L.A. Bikini. Though the pain is typically low (depending on the area being treated), the cost can be high, meaning the futuristic way isn’t necessarily the most financially feasible way.

Not a one-time deal, it takes up to three sessions for hair to fall out and six to achieve permanent results. It’s ideally performed during winter months because the treated areas need a strict break from the sun due to skin sensitivity and the possibility of burns.

But for all the money and patience, the reward is reportedly well worth it. “This procedure has been proven quite effective, especially for all types of hair and in all shades, too,” reports Also new age, intense pulsed light (IPL) will remove hair in time for summer. Burning the hair follicle with the fastest pulses of light, “the IPL laser targets melanin pigmentation of the hair and singes each strand until it stops growth completely,” added the media outlet.

Bringing hair removal methods back down to earth, rather than through laser beams and pulsing lights, brings us to threading. It’s a great way to remove undesirable facial hair that is far more noticeable during a long, sunny day when not covered with a scarf due to the cold.

In threading an esthetician quickly twists threads together to strategically vanquish unwanted hair. It’s an excellent way to shape your eyebrows as well as remove facial and sideburn hair. Whatever method you choose, start contemplating now how you plan to get hair-free this summer!

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