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Forget Waxing: Try Sugaring Off Unwanted Hair

You’ve heard the old saying, “You catch more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar?” Well, there’s a new version of that axiom: “You remove more hair with sugar than you do with wax.” Let’s add that, unlike waxing, body sugaring doesn’t hurt. You can do it yourself with a mixture of just three ingredients: sugar, water and lemon. It sounds good enough to eat – and there’s no harm in tasting a sample before application – and this concoction doesn’t contain any of the potentially harmful chemicals found in commercial wax hair removers. For people with sensitive skin, sugaring is a dream come true for hair removal.

Body Sugaring

Body sugaring for hair removal isn’t exactly a new practice. It was a favorite of the ancient Egyptians. Just like henna and kohl, beauty items beloved by the Egyptians, body sugaring is back in vogue. Sugaring makes hair easier to pull out, and it’s also performed in the direction of the hair’s growth. Waxing is done against the natural growth, and that’s part of what makes it hurt.

No Harm to Skin

Lots of people for whom waxing is risky can safely remove hair with sugaring. That includes diabetics, folks with varicose veins and anyone who experiences post-waxing rashes. Unlike certain types of hair removers, sugaring is fine for all hair and skin shades and textures. Just don’t sugar skin that’s in the process of healing from a wound or a procedure such as a chemical peel.

No Stickiness

Ok, sugaring sounds good, but removing it means a sticky mess, right? Wrong. Wax often sticks to skin, but sugar comes right off with water. Just duck into the shower or tub after a sugaring sessions and emerge sans hair and stickiness. If body sugaring is professionally applied, the technician ensures all sugar is wiped off with water.

Less Hair

Another great aspect to sugaring – the more you do it, the less hair you have overall. Unlike waxing, which requires ¼ inch of hair growth to work, you can sugar off hair that’s only 1/8 inch long. Keep removing that short growth, and you’ll find less hair growing in over time. In some cases, it stops growing back. That’s because the hair is removed at the initial growth phase, which affects the hair follicle. At some point, the hair follicle just stops producing hair. In that sense, it’s similar to laser hair removal, at little cost and no potential side effects.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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