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Product Review: EpiLady Speed


A recognized name in epilation, EpiLady brand has made it clear they have no intention of slowing down with their recent hair removal products. In fact, their latest epilator is called “Speed.” The EpiLady Speed, which was launched in April of this year, is not only being marketed as a fast and easy hair removal tool, but it’s being endorsed by a race car driver. It doesn’t get much speedier than that. Professional female NASCAR driver, Kristin Bumbera, signed an endorsement deal with EpiLady to back the new epilator. The question is, does the EpiLady Speed truly lives up to its name?

This new product is said to be “built for speed,” and the company claims that at high speed the 20 pairs of tiny tweezers will deliver 31,000 tweezes per minute. Even though the EpiLady Speed is fast, it does have a slow setting that can be used for delicate areas and fine hair. A new feature included with this product is the Perfect Angle Guide (PAG) which guarantees the best results right out of the box. The epilator is light and compact, making it easy to transport. However, it does only work with a cord so consumers are limited in where they can use it.

Since the EpiLady Speed just launched, it isn’t yet available in major stores or on websites. The official EpiLady website lists it at a reasonable $34.95. Consumer reviews for the epilator are limited for now, but it’s generally being compared to past products like the Legend and the Epic; only with the faster operating time, as promised. Potential consumers and current loyal EpiLady customers will likely be happy to know they can achieve smooth skin quickly and the effects will last up to four weeks. Of course, as with any epilation tool, good results are not achieved without sacrifice. The pain can be significant, especially in tender areas or for longer sessions. With this in mind, customers should take note of the instructions and how to properly use the product, as well as methods for reducing the pain and swelling after a session.

If the pain of the Epilady Speed or other epilation treatments is an issue for you, it probably makes more sense to go with a permanent alternative, such as a professional laser hair removal or electrolysis treatment. While these procedures are more expensive than temporary hair removal methods like shaving, waxing and epilation, the benefits can far outweigh the price. Laser hair removal takes just 4-6 sessions, and you will no longer have the hassle of removing unwanted hair.

To learn more about how the EpiLady Speed and other epilators compare to more permanent treatments, contact us today and arrange a free consultation with a hair removal specialist near you!.

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