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Product Review: Epicare for Facial Hair Removal


Devices and methods for facial hair removal are accumulating in number, and improving in terms of application ease and aesthetic results. One of the latest at-home facial hair removal products to be developed, Epicare™, has taken its cue from the ancient practice of threading hair removal. But is this product more effective or efficient than other modern hair removal methods like laser hair removal, waxing, or shaving? Read on to find out more!

What is the Epicare Device?

Allegedly, the device was first developed in Malaysia in 1999 by Dr. Hamid Makhmalchi and his wife. They reportedly created Epicare in response to many women's frustrations over face hair removal, and today, Epicare International Inc. distributes the popular at-home face threader all over the world. In 2009, the Epicare facial hair threader was even featured on the Rachel Ray show in a discussion about female facial hair removal.

So how does Epicare work? Basically, the Epicare device operates under the same principle as threading hair removal—a method first performed among Ancient Egyptians and in early Middle Eastern cultures. In the ancient threading practice, a bit of thin cotton thread was twisted tightly and looped around one hand, while the string's ends were held taut with the other hand. Then the twisted thread was manipulated rapidly back and forth over treated hairs, systematically pulling them out while avoiding contact with the skin.

The Epicare device utilizes the same treatment mechanism, but has a bendable metal spring that removes the hairs as opposed to a twisted cotton thread. According to the Epicare website, the spring is composed of a coated, hypoallergenic alloy with plastic handles on either end that should be safe for all patients to use.

How Do I Use Epicare?

The consumer holds the product by the handles, and bends the metal spring to form a horseshoe shape. After placing the metal spring on the specific facial area to be treated, the user can simply roll the spring in an inward and outward motion, and the spring will catch and pull out unwanted hair without harming the skin. The Epicare device is only recommended to remove fine facial hair on the cheeks, jaw, upper lip, chin and neck. It shouldn't be used to remove coarse hair on the legs, chest, underarms or pubic region.

Epicare Pros and Cons

Many facial hair removal patients appreciate Epicare's simple application, immediate results and lack of side effects. It's true that the device should be safe for all skin and hair types, and will remove unwanted hair right away, much like tweezing and professional waxing treatments. However, unlike tweezing and waxing, Epicare treatments reportedly deliver results with minimal discomfort. The official website describes the Epicare treatment sensation as a "slight tingling" feeling. Another benefit of Epicare is the device's incredible affordability, with a single treatment device typically costing less than $20 online.

Some cons of Epicare include the treatment's short-term hair removal results, and the device's inability to remove hair from body areas. Compared to Epicare, popular modern treatments like laser hair removal promise hair-free results for up to two years following the completion of a recommended treatment package. Another professional hair removal treatment that offers more permanent hair removal results is electrolysis. While it's true that the base cost of an Epicare device is far cheaper than professional hair removal treatments, the length of results in both cases reinforce that old saying "you get what you pay for".

Professional Facial Hair Removal

If you've tried the Epicare device and aren't satisfied with the results, or if you want to eliminate unwanted facial hair on a more permanent basis, we suggest consulting with a professional hair removal provider in your area. They can answer more of your questions about facial hair removal, and make customized treatment recommendations to ensure you top-quality, personalized results.

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