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Electrolysis Side Effects

Next to Laser Hair Removal, Electrolysis is generally considered the best method yet devised for permanently reducing the growth of unwanted hair. However, Electrolysis is far from a quick-fix solution. As most people know, Electrolysis treatments have to be conducted on a follicle by follicle basis, making for a very long, painful process, particularly for patients hoping to remove hair from anything more than a tiny area of the body (large areas like the chest, back, and legs, for example, are pretty hopeless with this method). Other potential sacrifices involved with this treatment are Electrolysis side effects, which can occur to varying levels, regardless of how well a session is conducted.

Temporary Electrolysis Side Effects


Temporary Electrolysis side effects can include the expected redness, swelling, and dryness, as well as an increase in ingrown hairs. As long as these conditions are treated, no serious damage should ever result from them. However, these generally minor problems can lead to more considerable skin damage if not handled with consideration. For example, Electrolysis patients are always advised to stay out of the sun and avoid make-up and chemical-based skin products in the days following a treatment. Natural aloe products, and other solutions approved for post-Electrolysis use, can be applied to help control redness and moisturize the treated dermal tissue. Most importantly, Electrolysis patients should be careful not to scratch, pick, or shave a treated area, as this can cause further irritation.

Sometimes, the redness, swelling or bruising from an Electrolysis treatment is more severe than it ought to be, and the side effects don’t respond to simple treatments. In this case, a number of factors may be contributing to a more dangerous set of Electrolysis side effects. To avoid these sorts of occurrences, begin by considering who is conducting your treatment.

Professional vs At-Home Electrolysis: Side Effects Prevention

Much as the risk factors go up for at-home Laser Hair Removal systems over professional laser treatments, the same applies to Electrolysis. There are a lot of at-home Electrolysis, or electric tweezer systems that have been floating around the market lately, and some of them can produce decent results in rare cases. However, Electrolysis is a far cry from waxing or shaving. It’s a potentially dangerous undertaking, especially for the inexperienced hand.

There are many advantages to selecting a professional hair removal specialist over an at-home treatment, of course, but first and foremost among them is safety. While any Electrolysis treatment is likely to create some of the temporary side effects mentioned earlier, a professional electrolysis expert can help you avoid more serious skin damage by considering some key factors before and during your session.

  • Electrolysis Method: There are several different approaches to Electrolysis, including galvanic, thermolysis, and blend treatments. An experienced electrologist can select an appropriate method based on your skin type and reaction to treatment.
  • Thnning or Stripping: There are also two schools of thought in how much hair should be removed in a session. For some patients, removing hairs that are in very close proximity can lead to much greater irritation. A more gradual, thinning approach may reduce this side effect.
  • Amount of Treatment: One of the most common mistakes people make with at-home Electrolysis is focusing too much time on a single treatment area, using too much current, or not spacing out their treatment sessions enough. A professional can carefully organize these elements to prevent the severe side effects that sometimes accompany over-treated skin.
  • Preparation & Recovery: Finally, electrologists have experience with what types of skin care products can best assist in the skin’s recovery from a session, as well as its readiness for future sessions. This can take out the guess work for patients who may end up doing further damage by selecting the wrong products.

Summing Up

The appeal of a permanent hair removal treatment needn’t be explained to anyone. It’s always imperative to put safety above all else, however. After all, what good is a hairless chin if it’s also red and swollen?

Electrolysis is a reasonable option for small-scale hair removal treatments, but your wisest move is always to first discuss your situation with a hair removal specialist. These professionals can either develop a safe Electrolysis for you, or they may suggest a more practical and potentially more affordable alternative, such as Laser Hair Removal. To start getting the answers you need, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation with a hair removal clinic in your area.

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