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5 Eco-Friendly Hair Removal Methods


When you pick up your razor each morning saving the environment is probably the last thing on your mind. But approximately 2 billion—yes, billion—disposable razors end up in landfills every year. Add in plastic and paper packaging, harmful greenhouse gases from aerosol shaving creams, plus countless gallons of water wasted by those who spend extra time shaving in the shower, and you’ve got yourself quite an affront to Mother Nature. But how can you de-fuzz your face or legs without contributing to the pollution? Hair Removal Forum has lined up the top five greenest ways to remove your unwanted hair!

1. Go Electric

Electricity is only as clean as the power source it comes from, but opting for an electric razor over disposables can save water, shaving cream, and money while keeping a ton of plastic and rusty blades out of landfills! Your skin may take a few days to adapt to the switch, but after that you’ll be buzzing away hair faster than ever. Battery-powered epilators are also great for hair removal, and the device’s plucking action can give you smoother skin for weeks longer than shaving!

2. Wax On

Waxing for hair removal has been around for centuries, and for good reason. With one proper treatment you can remove hair for between three to six weeks! While petroleum-based paraffin wax and paper waste isn’t the greatest, it still beats tossing out a razor each week along with the added waste of water usage. Many companies offer organic wax packages that are easier on the environment and usually contain skin-saving Aloe Vera. Look for at-home waxing sets like L'orbette’s Liquid Organic Wax or Moom’s Organic Hair Removal Kit in local organic-friendly beauty shops or online vendors!

3. Sweeten the Deal

Why buy wax when you can make a biodegradable substitute right at home? One of the hottest recent trends in hair removal is “body sugaring,” This sweet technique begins with melting down one cup of sugar and four tablespoons of both lemon juice and water in the microwave to create a honey-like paste. Once the paste has cooled a bit it can be spread on hairy skin then covered with a strip of cotton or muslin. Afterward all that’s needed is little bravery—or wine—and a tug, then…Voilà! Hair will come off with the fabric strips, giving you your very own biodegradable waxing kit for next to nothing! And for those who want to skip the chemistry lesson, a pre-mixed Milea brand Organic Sugar Honey Hair Removal Kit is available at Whole Foods, online, and many organic food stores!

4. Recycle or Re-Use

If you really aren’t ready to give up that close shave, there are a lot of ways you can reduce the wasteful aspects of shaving. Devices like the Razor Gator allow users to sharpen dull razors themselves, and several companies such as Triple Razor minimize the waste by using only recycled parts in their products. You can also go old school and get a straight razor and leather strop, completely eliminating the need to buy another safety razor again. That said, there are good reasons we have safe-guards on modern shaving razors. If you go the straight razor route be very careful, and read up on the proper shaving techniques ahead of time!

5. Permanent Laser Hair Removal

The words “laser” and “eco-friendly” rarely go hand in hand, but in the long run, laser hair removal can eliminate tons of waste. In around three to eight treatments laser hair removal can reduce follicle production permanently. This means no more razors, wax, or energy piped into electric shavers, except for rare touch ups. While it may cost a bit more upfront, this laser hair removal pays for itself in saved money, resources, and time. Numbers crunched by found that those who elected laser hair removal while they were young had the potential to save over seven thousand dollars in hair removal supplies and 117 days of cumulative time spent shaving, waxing, or plucking!

Still unsure which is the best way to protect Mother Nature while meeting your hair removal needs? Contact us today! Our customer representatives can get you set up with a free, no-pressure consultation at a hair removal clinic near you! Just call or click to get started!

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