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Does Hair Minimizing Deodorant Work?


The latest buzz in the beauty world lurks somewhere dark, damp, and unfortunately, a bit smelly. Some deodorants are claiming that they can not only stop the sweat and odor typical of the underarm area, but with continued usage can also cut down on the need to shave. Since the underarms grow hair notoriously quickly, any time saved shaving could be worthwhile break in a woman’s regime. Read on to learn about the science behind hair minimizing deodorants as well as their efficiency, plus a permanent solution to underarm hair.

The Science Behind Hair Minimizing Deodorants

Dove leads the hairless armpit pack with two deodorants that claim to reduce the appearance and growth of underarm hair: Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Deodorant and Dove Hair Minimizing Deodorant, which is primarily available in the U.K. Their labels tout that the product “minimizes the visual appearance of hair over time.” Both deodorants utilize a Pro-Epil complex that’s designed to smooth and refine the condition of the underarm skin, and eventually, the hair that grows there. When the hair is softer and finer, claims Dove, it’s easier to remove. There are no magic ingredients in the Pro-Epil complex, just Dove’s patented ¼ moisturizers™ and natural plant extracts. Users of Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Deodorant and Dove Hair Minimizing Deodorant widely claim that the condition of their underarms has improved thanks to Dove’s products, with less ingrown hairs and softer skin. But few users say that Dove has actually done anything to slow the growth of their underarm hair.

Despite Dove’s misleading packaging, some deodorants do include ingredients that aim to actually slow hair growth. Dermadoctor® Gorilla Warefare™ Antiperspirant Deodorant contains Mayberry extract, a natural ingredient that may prevent follicular growth during one phase of the hair growth system. Mayberry is an excellent source of dihydromyrectin, which prevents some of the vital receptors that allow hair to grow. Dermadoctor Gorilla Warefare also includes Gudmar leaf extract, fireweed, and palmatine, all of which are ingredients that are believed to slow or inhibit hair growth. Dermadoctor’s approach to the hair minimizing deodorant trend is more substantiated and innovative than Dove’s, but how effective is it?

Do Hair Minimizing Deodorants Really Work?

The response to Dermadoctor Gorilla Warfare has been mixed. For $30, some users expected more from the product. Others thought that it did a fine job at what it claimed: slow the hair growth process so that they can shave less often. It’s important to remember that these products do not eliminate the need for shaving. If you find that your underarm hair grows too quickly for you to keep up with, hair minimizing deodorants may be worth a try. But for the high price tag, products like Gorilla Warfare may not be worth it—you can expect the hair growth to return to its normal rate after you stop using it.

Hair Removal For Underarms

Hair minimizing deodorants might slow down the rate at which your underarm hair grows, but you’ll still need to shave, wax, or use a depilatory. The only way to virtually eliminate the need for hair removal is to get rid of the hair once and for all is through laser hair removal. Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle so that you no longer have to worry about stubble, shadows, or shaving again. Today’s technological advancements have made it possible for a wide range of skin tones and hair colors to be treated with laser hair removal.

Scheduling Your Laser Hair Removal Appointment

If you’d like to learn more about laser hair removal to or schedule a private consultation with a laser hair removal specialist in your area, contact our representatives today!

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