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Do It Yourself Hair Removal Tips


Not everyone goes to the salon to have their unwanted hair removed, or spends serious money on laser hair removal or electrolysis. The majority of women still remove hair the old-fashioned way – on their own.


The classic way of removing unwanted hair, shaving remains the simplest and least time-consuming method. There’s a myriad of razors on the market, with features designed to make shaving as smooth and foolproof as possible. These days, it’s much harder to knick yourself and end up with cuts on your legs, underarms and elsewhere. Shaving creams are loaded with moisturizers to keep your skin soft and avoid that “just-shaved” appearance. Make your shaving ritual even easier by regularly exfoliating your legs to remove dead skin and reduce the odds of developing bumps and ingrown hairs.


Today’s depilatory creams are a vast improvement over those of a generation ago. They smell good and aren’t nearly as greasy and messy. Many also contain moisturizers, so they soften skin while eradicating hair. Many depilatories are marketed expressly for use in the shower. That’s fine, except that accidents happen. Do not keep your depilatory and your shampoo in the same section of your bath or shower. You never want to mistake the former for the latter.

Home Waxing

You no longer have to head to a salon for waxing, but can remove hair via this method in the privacy of your own home. By using a home waxing kit, you’re removing hair for a longer time than when shaving or using a depilatory. There are drawbacks – whether done professionally or in your bathroom, waxing hurts. If you want a Brazilian bikini wax, you’re better off skipping home treatment and spending the money at a salon. Otherwise, choose the easy-to-use kits or waxing strips. One natural hair removal option is a sugaring wax, made from a mix of sugar and lemon juice. The advantage of a sugar wax is that you can remove the excess with water, while you need an oil-based cleaner to remove traditional waxes.

It takes time and practice to get the hang of performing home waxes, as you need both hands to remove it. With one hand, you must hold your skin tight, and use the other to pull the wax away quickly. Strips may provide a better option, as they are easier to remove yourself.

If you’re comfortable with your current hair removal method, that’s fine. If you think there’s a better way, experiment with these methods and find what works for you.

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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