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DM 2000 Home Laser Hair Removal Review


Laser hair removal is a safe and extremely effective way of eliminating body and facial hair. However, there are many people looking for a cheaper, at-home alternative to this treatment. The DM 2000 is one such home use system, but is does it really compare to a professional laser hair removal session?

What is the DM 2000?

The DM 2000 Home Laser Removal System is an electrical apparatus that utilizes a long pulse diode laser to eliminate body hair. It is marketed as an alternative to laser hair removal. A DM 2000 goes for about $350-$400, and the device’s semiconductor laser diode is claimed to last 5000 hours (which is approximately 3-5 years). Its product description also declares that the DM 2000 is four times as powerful as its nearest home-use competitor.

How does it work?

The machine is intended for body shaving, facial hair removal, and eyebrow contouring. The hair-eliminating razor is beamed out of a tubular module connected to the machine via a thick wire. The module has a thumb switch for turning the laser on and off. The laser comes out in a pinpoint beam, which, when focused on the problem hair follicles will result in smooth, hairless skin.


Any product that claims to be a household application of a machine normally handled by licensed doctors should be approached with caution, especially at such a low price. Additionally, self-care when it comes to something as dangerous as lasers is inherently risky. The device comes with glasses for protection, but these do not appear to be proper goggles, and a laser accidentally pointed at just the right angle can cause irreversible eye damage.

As for personal or professional reviews on the machine, there is a disturbing lack of them across the internet. A product that is ostensibly as advanced as this one should get more internet coverage than it has. It seems that people are hesitant to try out the DM 2000, and perhaps so should you, at least until you get a reliable account of its success rate.

Overall, in light of the risks of opting for at-home laser treatments, a professional hair removal treatment may be the safest bet. Clinical treatments are simply safer and more likely to grant satisfying results.

For further discussion regarding at-home laser devices and professional laser hair removal, Hair Removal Forum recommends that you seek a consultation with a local hair removal expert. Contact us today to arrange an appointment on a time and day to your convenience.

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