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Dangers of Nair and Veet on Male Private Areas


Although they’ve greatly fallen out of fashion in favor of laser hair removal and electrolysis, depilatory creams were once the preferred way to remove unwanted body hair. Companies like Nair and VEET emerged in the 1970s, offering a way to temporarily remove hair from the arms, legs, back, and other areas without the stubble from shaving and pain of waxing. But hair removal creams are harsh—they use chemicals to physically sear off your hair, often burning nearby skin in the process. Some people still turn to depilatories in search of a more long-lasting way to remove body hair. Based on a quick scour of Yahoo Answers, it appears as though many men are interested in using Nair or VEET on their intimate areas. That’s right, men are applying harsh chemical solutions to their scrotum in hopes of a smooth, hair-free package.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Nair or VEET on Your Genitals

The most popular ingredients in today’s depilatories are calcium thioglycolate and potassium thioglycolate. When applied to hair, both chemicals dissolve keratin, the proprietary protein in hair. Depilatories dissolve hair starting at where the follicle meets the skin. Due to its chemical nature, depilatories are not recommended for people with sensitive skin, open wounds, and other skin irregularities. But they also have the tendency to irritate even normal skin, according to many reports. Thus, both Nair and VEET explicitly recommend against their products being used on the face, genitals, or other sensitive areas.

Effects of Using Nair or VEET on Your Nether Regions

Depilatories are not for use on your privates, but some people try it anyways. Men who’ve applied Nair or VEET to their scrotum report a burning sensation that lasts for days, chemical burns, infection excessively dry skin, blistering, and more. Women who’ve used depilatories on their vulva report similar results. As far as hair removal goes, the results seem to be mixed. Some find that Nair and VEET can effectively remove hair from down there (despite the side effects). Others say that their hair was too coarse to be effectively removed or that they simply couldn’t keep it on long enough to tell.

Depilatories for Your Privates

Of course, Nair and VEET have attempted to capitalize on the use of their products on genitals. Nair® Sensitive Bikini Cream was designed for use on a woman’s outer genital area. However, Nair’s instructions say that their Sensitive Bikini Cream is not to be used on the vagina itself, as the flesh there is too sensitive. Similarly, VEET® Caring Touch™ markets itself toward the bikini line.

Safe Methods of Genital Hair Removal

Leave the burn-inducing cream behind, because there are plenty of safe, effective methods for genital hair removal:

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