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Chin Hair Removal Tips


Unwanted chin hair can be a pesky and embarrassing problem for both men and women. The good news is that there are safe and effective ways to remove chin hair without stubbly re-growth, irritation, or leftover hairs. For women, the growth of chin hair is most common during menopause when low estrogen levels cause facial hair to grow. Most men grow chin hair naturally, but it may pose a problem when they wish to get rid of the hair—but have difficulty doing so. The following chin hair removal tips will leave your chin smooth as a baby's backside.

If You Want It To Go Away, Don’t Shave Your Chin Hair

Shaving probably seems like an easy way to get rid of chin hair. Most men choose shaving to remove their facial hair, and that’s a fine option for men who don’t mind some prickliness and aren’t prone to skin irritation. Women tend to be more conscientious of having stubble on their chin, which is why shaving is seldom the best option for ladies looking to get rid of their chin hair. Even if you only shave once, it will take awhile for the hair to grow past the stubble stage. Plus, shaving can lead to ingrown hairs, heightened skin sensitivity, and dryness. The key to getting a smooth, hairless chin is to remove hair at the root rather than at the surface of the skin.

Waxing Chin Hair

Using wax to remove chin hair is more effective and long lasting than shaving. It’s best performed at a salon by a certified aesthetician with experience in facial waxing. A wax (usually warm) is applied to the chin and then removed with a cloth strip. When the wax is pulled off, the hair comes with it. The main perk of waxing is that it pulls hair straight from the root, so re-growth takes a few weeks and it’s not prickly to the touch. While the pain of waxing isn’t terrible and lessens over time, if you want to maintain a smooth chin you’ll have to endure it in regular intervals.

Electrolysis for Chin Hair Removal

Electrolysis uses electrical currents to permanently remove hair. A needle is inserted into the hair follicle, and an electrical current electrocutes it, destroying it permanently. There are a number of perks to electrolysis: it’s very effective at removing hair permanently and it’s an ideal option for patients with dark skin who aren’t candidates for laser hair removal. On the other hand, electrolysis is considered an uncomfortable and tedious process. If you’re considering electrolysis for your chin, keep in mind your pain threshold as well as the areas of your chin that grow hair—if it’s a large area, you may be better off using a different form of hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal For Chin

The chin is one of the most popular places for laser hair removal, which destroys the hair follicle using the power of light. Women tend to grow hair on the tip of their chin and laser hair removal is quite effective at removing hair in that area, as long as it is dark enough for the laser to properly detect. Laser hair removal is usually completed in about four to six sessions, depending on the hair growth patterns of the individual patient. Successful laser hair removal permanently destroys the hair follicles, so that chin hair can no longer grow there.

Due its relatively small location, the cost of laser hair removal for the chin is consistently low. If you have questions about your candidacy for laser hair removal of the chin, Hair Removal Forum would be happy to set up a private consultation with a hair removal specialist in your area.

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