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When it comes to the frustration of unwanted hair, celebrities are just like you and me. If anything, the pressure for people in the public eye to find permanent hair removal solutions is probably even greater than our own. So who has had laser hair removal and who hasn’t? What was their reason for doing it and are they happy with their results? Many of us like to emulate our favorite celebrities, so should we follow in their footsteps when it comes to laser hair removal too?

Alyssa Milano has had laser hair removal multiple times, and while she felt it was a somewhat painful experience, she kept going back, so it couldn’t have been so painful that it wasn’t worth the results she was seeing. Alyssa has dark hair and is a great candidate for laser hair removal. Her dark hair is perfectly suited to absorbing the light energy in laser treatment, leading to better results with fewer necessary sessions.

Another celebrity who underwent laser hair removal is former Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight. He too has dark hair that makes him a great candidate for laser hair removal procedures. Christopher’s procedure included removing ear hair, neck hair and the hair between his eyes. These are very typical locations for men when it comes to laser hair removal.

Kim Kardashian has been pretty upfront about her use of laser hair removal, as well. Again, her dark hair is helpful, but those who are blond and have light skin can still get great results from laser hair removal procedures. It may just take a few more treatments than someone with darker and thicker hair or hair that is more coarse.

Celebrities are usually the first to embrace a new cosmetic procedure, so it’s nice to let them go first and test the waters. However, laser hair removal has been in practice for years now and it has come quite a way. Laser hair removal is no longer the extravagant expensive procedure that it once was. Instead, laser hair removal has become quite affordable for people on any budget, celebrity or no, and the advances in hair laser technology are allowing clinics to produce better results in fewer sessions.

While many celebrities have undergone laser hair removal treatments, not all of them are so willing to discuss it. This is somewhat unfortunate, in that it would be great to hear their testimonials and be able to relate to a high profile person in the same boat as so many of us. One can assume that many stars have had the treatment, and since you hear few complaints, it seems this is one treatment in which we can follow their lead.

--Carrie Aker

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