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A Brief History of Female Hair Removal

Today, women have lots of choices when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. Take your pick – shaving, depilatories, waxing, laser, electrolysis – we are living in a golden age of hair removal. Our great-great-and so forth grandmothers weren’t nearly so lucky. Of course, for much of history, hair removal wasn’t expected of females, although it varies according to time and culture. Modern women aren’t keen on pubic hair. In the Renaissance, ample pubic hair was a very big deal. Merkins, or pubic wigs, were all the rage. These very private hairpieces have made a Hollywood comeback, as actors and actresses wear them in nude scenes.

World War I

It wasn’t until the middle of the First World War that a razor specifically designed for women came on the market. War changes social roles. In the Victorian and Edwardian era, the average woman did not shave her legs or underarms. Upper-class women might have done their pits, as underarm hair and gorgeous evening gowns didn’t mix. However, there was little reason for most women to shave. No one, except her husband, would see her legs and underarms. Gillette introduced the first female razor in 1915, with women using it primarily for their underarms. By the 1920s, skirts were short, and legs needed shaving, too.

The Hairy 60s

For the next 40 years, proper young women shaved their legs and pits, and more or less left their bushes au naturel. Then came the 1960s, the late 1960s, to be exact. Flower children were into everything natural, and that meant many young women of the turned-on generation were no longer shaving anywhere. It wasn’t a style adopted by all young women, but it had its adherents.

The Hairless 80s

The conservative Reagan era brought an end to any public display of hairy legs and pits, but the true revolution was in the pubes. A full bush was no longer desirable – neat and tidy in most intimate area was in. By the 1990s, pubes were out completely. The Brazilian wax had taken over, and before long, that led to cosmetic vagina surgery. Seriously – before the Brazilian wax, actually seeing the vagina through the hair was a rarity. Now hairless, with everything on display, women became self-conscious about their labia, et al.

Back to the Future

We are living in interesting times. It’s hard to predict exactly what will happen with body hair, but it’s likely to become a do-your-own-thing. There’s a 60s’ vibe in the air, with protests and government scandals. Expect a body hair resurgence in the coming years.

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