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In The News: Brazilian Bikini Wax Ban?


Every Spring, as the weather begins to warm up, so do many people begin warming to bikini hair removal. To create a beach-ready bod today, hair removal has become just as essential as sunscreen, self-tanner and that perfect two-piece. While shaving has long been the go-to standard for hairy quick fixes, men and women now have more effective, longer-lasting options for creating a smooth, pool-side silhouette; bikini waxing and "Brazilian" waxing happen to be two very popular options.

In a move that nearly dashed many summertime waxing hopes, New Jersey's Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling was formulating a ban to prevent all salons, medical spas and clinics from performing Brazilian waxing treatments. The ban was proposed following reports of injuries suffered by Brazilian waxing patients. To the celebration of many anticipatory beach-goers, the ban was scrapped due to the consequent uproar from local hair waxing providers; they stated that such a ban would devastate their businesses, especially with summer soon approaching. Well, it's a good thing the ban was dropped based on projected business losses, rather than on verification that Brazilian waxing isn't a consumer threat! The ban on Brazilian waxing may have been reversed, but the risks and painful results are still very real for some.

Waxing Informed on Bikini Waxing

Genital or bikini waxing has been around for quite a while, but the procedure's popularity really spiked in the 90s with increased attention from the media and some glamorous endorsements. Brazilian waxing is a more encompassing form of bikini waxing; it completely removes hair around the genitalia to complement increasingly risqué bikini styles. The Brazilian wax job was first introduced to the U.S. in the late 80s, when a group of sisters from Rio de Janeiro moved to New York City and opened a salon featuring the treatment. Now, Brazilian waxing treatments are performed in the thousands each year, and continue to be one of the most common methods of pubic hair removal for both men and women.

What Are the Risks and Alternatives to Brazilian Waxing?

Risks: So, what are the real risks of this treatment? Well, the Brazilian waxing patients who reported injuries in New Jersey were hospitalized for infections afterwards. Waxing has always been associated with a certain amount of pain, but the treatment is usually not linked to severe after-effects that warrant medical attention. Brazilian waxing poses a greater risk than other waxing treatments because skin around the genitalia is much more sensitive and delicate than skin on the legs or arms. In other words, skin around the genitals is more susceptible to burns, irritation, tearing, rashes and infections from waxing.

Alternatives: It's no secret that shaving results can't compare to those achieved with waxing, and even the bravest of souls would be foolish to attempt using depilatory creams on such super-sensitive parts. So what other alternatives do we have? Already one of the top choices for hair removal on the face and body, laser hair removal is also a very effective option for removing hair on the bikini area. Bikini laser hair removal and Brazilian laser hair removal technology can remove hair for most skin and hair types today, although light-haired and dark-skinned patients will require specific lasers for the best results. Brazilian laser hair removal can also produce results that last up to two years after completing 5-6 treatment sessions.

Unlike with waxing, Brazilian laser hair removal doesn't remove unwanted hair by painfully ripping it out of the follicle. Rather, laser hair removal uses focused beams of light energy that break down pubic hair and disable it at the root. By completing a handful of laser hair removal sessions, patients' unwanted pubic hair is treated in various stages of the growth cycle to more efficiently eliminate hair growth for as long as possible. It's true that Brazilian laser hair removal costs more than Brazilian waxing does, but many patients would agree the price is worth it for the attached level of results and the lower risk of infection.

Minimize Your Risk and Optimize Your Results

The key to safe, successful Brazilian hair removal results, whether through laser hair removal or waxing, is to:

  • Research and compare hair removal treatments
  • Get informed about the possible risks and side effects before choosing a hair removal procedure
  • Consult with a professional hair removal provider and ask lots of questions before receiving treatment
  • Follow all treatment instructions prior to, during and after your procedure

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