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Basics of Body Sugaring


Dating back to ancient Egypt, Body Sugaring continues to be a popular form of hair removal. Although the technique is similar to traditional waxing, some seem to prefer it over other temporary hair removal methods because it can easily be done at home using kitchen staples. But before heading to your cupboard to grab the basic ingredients to make your own sugar wax, consider the pros and cons of this hair diminishing tactic.

So What is Body Sugaring?

It’s exactly how it sounds. Body Sugaring employs the use of sugar wax or paste created from sugar, water and lemon juice. The mixture is applied to unwanted hair, smoothed on in the opposite direction of growth. Then cloth strips are pressed to the sugary substance and yanked off quickly, taking the hair with it.

Body Sugaring versus Waxing

Body sugaring is similar to traditional waxing, but there are subtle differences that may appeal to some consumers. Body sugaring does not require the sugar wax or paste to be heated in order to remove hair. Rather, the substance is at room temperature, making the process a little less painful. Also, body sugaring causes less trauma to the skin because hair is pulled off in the direction of growth rather than against it, which means the follicle won’t break and ingrown hairs are less likely.

Another appealing aspect of body sugaring is that the sugar formula is a natural exfoliant, so skin feels even smoother when the hair is removed because dead skin cells are eliminated as well. Waxing uses a chemical based formula that is difficult to remove if it is left behind on the body, but body sugaring uses natural ingredients and the substance is water soluble. So if by some chance the sticky sweetness hangs around, it’s easy to wash off in the shower.

There are home-waxing kits, but many are not as efficient as going to a spa and having it professionally done. Body sugaring, on the other hand, can be done at home fairly easily, using ingredients from the kitchen. The one thing to consider is that in order for the paste to work properly, the consistency has to be just right. This can be difficult to accomplish at home, and many people choose to go the safer route with spa appointments or store-bought sugaring kits like the popular Australian hair removal product, Nad's.

As with waxing, the concept behind body sugaring is that after a number of treatments, the follicles begin to deplete, causing hair to grow in more refined until eventually it won’t come back at all.

The Cons of Body Sugaring

While it seems that body sugaring is a better option than waxing, it does still have its negatives. Body sugaring can leave hairs broken at the surface or under the skin, causing irritation and inflammation at the hair removal site. The sugar wax or paste is made so that it attaches to the hair rather than the skin, but this can often make the process messy and frustrating. And even though some claim that body sugaring avoids the sting that waxing causes, the truth is that it can be just as painful.

Body Sugaring is Temporary

For a temporary hair removal method, body sugaring is a reliable solution. Your skin stays smooth for longer periods of time as compared to shaving or tweezing. The problem is after a couple weeks, you have to apply the sticky substance again and yank out those hairs. The process can become tedious and, let’s face it, painful.

If you want to eliminate hair for good, you may want to consider laser hair removal instead. Laser hair removal is a more permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair, and it only takes a handful of treatments. Overall, it often proves to be a better long-term investment, as well, preferable to waxing or sugaring your legs every couple weeks.

If you’re ready to throw out the sugar wax and learn more about laser hair removal, then call our offices today and we’ll set you up with a professional consultation at a laser clinic near you.

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