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Black Males vs Razor Bumps: What You Can Do To Win


Everyone has different kinds of hair: men, women, different races, different ages, and so on. Different kinds of hair and their unique follicles unfortunately present different and unique problems. Razor bumps – or psuedofolliculitis barbae – is a very prevalent condition in all men and women, but it typically appears with more frequency and strength in black males. Luckily there are highly efficient solutions for this widespread ailment that claims between an average of 45-83% of black male faces and necks.

Psuedofolliculitis barbae is considered an enormously aggravating problem for just about anyone who has ever suffered from it. The irritated area that becomes red, swollen, and bumpy after shaving is caused by ingrown hairs beneath the skin. After shaving, plucking, tweezing, waxing, or electrolysis, the remaining bits of under-the-surface hair will sometimes grow into the skin instead of out of it- causing bumps and inflammation. Black men and women are especially prone to this effect because of the nature of their tightly curled hair, which will curl back and grow into the skin. Black men who often shave their beards and heads are highly likely to develop razor bumps.

Razor bumps are a giant nuisance. To add in an extra level of disdain, many men are required to have completely clean- shaven faces at the workplace. Unbelievable! So how does one best prevent psuedofolliculitis barbae from happening?


First and foremost, if possible, it would be wise to cut back the number of shaves per week. Instead of shaving every morning, let your hairs grow out more and shave only three or four times a week. This will reduce the frequency of contact that a sharp razor blade has with your epidermis: with every shaving, we skim off a thin layer of the skin itself. Give your skin time to recover.

Start exfoliating regularly. Dead skin cells can block your pores. Applying an exfoliating scrub or mask once a week should eliminate the threat of dead skin clogging! Gross!


Pick up a glycerin based, lubricated shaving cream or soap. Do not, under any circumstances, use anything that will numb your skin or contains menthol. Those will tighten your pores and increase tension


You will also need to use a sharp, clean blade that is relatively new. A duller blade will increase the amount of strokes you will have to take in each area- thus increasing your chances of irritation.

Now Entering The Shave Cave

Before shaving your beard or longer sections of your hair, trim the areas with clippers/scissors first to prevent a shave that closer than 1mm of hair.

If possible, shave in the shower! The heat and moisture will open your pores and soften your skin and hairs. The key is to reduce resistance from your skin. Don’t fight your skin! Lull it into an easy and smooth shave. If you’re not into the idea of a blind shave, just make sure to shave after a shower or splash a generous amount of hot water to your face.

Always shave with the grain and resist stretching your skin too much in those funny faces we all love to make. Make sure to use as limited number of strokes as possible. The more strokes, the more times a sharp razor is gliding across your open skin. Move slowly and deliberately. Fast and crazy spells razor b-u-m-p-s!


When it comes to cutting off razor bumps, there is no greater solution than laser hair removal. This treatment yields a complete solution to this irritating and itchy problem. A permanent treatment, you won’t have to endure ingrown hair bumps because the hair follicles themselves will be lasered away.

This decision will also help you in the broad scope of things- as personal hair removal can be an expensive and time-sucking practice. Laser hair removal takes place over 4-6 sessions, with most patients noting stark improvements after only a few. Men are advised to request treatment in the contoured neck regions- popular hangouts (or ‘hang-ins’) for ingrown hairs.

If you or someone you know is interested in banishing razor bumps for the rest of their life, then please contact the Hair Removal Forum and speak to a representative today. Locate a laser clinic in your area and begin living the smooth life. In the mean time, follow those simple steps to winning the battle of the bumps.

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