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Bikini Hair Removal: Laser vs Waxing


Let’s face it—if you’re thinking about wearing a swimsuit, whether to the beach, or to the pool, you know you’ll have to take care of your bikini line. For many women, removing hair from the bikini line is always important—swimsuit or not—but it can be difficult to decide the best method of doing so in such a sensitive area. Women who hate the upkeep of shaving will often choose between a bikini wax or laser hair removal. Which is better?

There are both pros and cons to each option. Those who select bikini waxes usually choose them for the smoothness they provide, which typically lasts three to four weeks. In this way, waxing cuts back on the maintenance required by shaving. In comparison with laser hair removal, getting a wax every four weeks may seem like a more affordable option.

Of course, for some, the thought of waxing is cringe-worthy. Some wouldn’t even consider waxing their legs, let alone the sensitive area of the bikini line. The thought of having to go through a wax every month or two is enough to keep plenty of females away from the waxing salon.

Laser hair removal, meanwhile, can often be far less painful than a bikini wax. Professionals are trained to apply numbing cream and to use extreme care when removing hair from sensitive areas. Plus, laser removal generally requires a lower pain tolerance than having hair ripped out with wax strips. The other major benefit of laser hair removal is that it usually only takes three to four treatments and then the hair becomes permanently removed or very significantly reduced.

The biggest drawback of laser hair removal? The price. Laser hair removal treatments usually run around $400-500, though they will vary based on your specialist and the area of the country in which you live. By comparison, bikini waxes typically run about $50 per treatment, and up to $100 for a Brazilian wax. That said, if you’re planning to get a wax 8-10 times per year, for many years, you’ll see that the investment in laser hair removal is a smarter use of your money—not to mention a much more convenient, less painful alternative to a waxing regimen.

Laser hair removal may be the solution you’ve been searching for to eliminate the pain and cost of waxing. To learn more about bikini line hair removal, and whether it’s the solution for you, schedule a consultation with an experienced hair removal specialist near you.

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