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Best Ways to Get Rid of Back Hair

Chest hair on guys is masculine and sexy – back hair, not so much. Men stuck with back hair usually want to eliminate it, but there’s a major problem. How do manage to get back hair off yourself? It’s a battle, but it’s winnable with a little effort and the choice of the right tools.


There are plenty of reasons why shaving isn’t the ideal way to get rid of back hair. Not only is self-shaving awkward, but the back is one of those areas prone to ingrown hairs, redness and infections from bacteria spread by the razor. That said, the use of a razor extender allows you to shave your back alone with minimal discomfort. Because the risk of infection is so high when using a razor on the back, don’t use a blade more than once.


For many men, trimming makes more sense than shaving, even though some stubble will always remain. Trimming eliminates the infection issue, since there’s no breaking of the skin with an electric trimmer. You will have to trim more often to keep hair to a minimum, but it’s a safe, painless method.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams designed expressly for male back hair is one of your best bets. Other than being a little messy, these creams are inexpensive and easy to use. Always do a patch test on a small area of hair to ensure you don’t have a reaction to the cream before slathering it on your back. The patch test also lets you know how long to leave on the cream on. Not leaving it on a sufficient length of time means hair won’t come off and you must repeat the procedure.


If you’re willing to spend the money to eradicate back hair once and for all, electrolysis will do the trick. It does hurt somewhat, and you’ll need several sessions based on the hair’s growth cycle, but once you’re done, back hair is gone for good.

What Not to Do

When considering back hair removal options, it’s important to stay away from a couple of the most common hair removal methods. Waxing is one – removing back hair via wax is very painful, and it’s virtually impossible to do by yourself on the back. If you do want to go the waxing route, don’t try it at home but head straight to a salon. Laser hair removal is expensive, time-consuming – expects months of sessions- and not permanent. You’ll need at least an annual touch-up.

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