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What Are the Best Hair Removal Methods For Each Part of Your Body?


Oftentimes, people fall into set routines when it comes to hair removal. Whether its shaving, waxing or lasers, we choose our favorite technique and use it wherever we want to remove unwanted hair. Unfortunately, all hair removal methods are not created equally, and different approaches work better for different areas of the body. So check out the list below to see which method is best suited for each body part.

Your Legs

Sometimes the tried-and-true methods are still the best, and for removing hair from your legs, shaving is still the way to go. When shaving your legs, you want to make sure that you swipe with the grain in order to avoid irritation and decrease the risk of accidentally cutting yourself. Additionally, some women find that a round or two of laser treatment helps to make their leg hair thinner and easier to manage.

Your Underarms

Sadly, underarm skin tends to be very sensitive, sometimes making it difficult to remove unwanted hair. Because of this sensitivity, most beauty experts don’t advise waxing your underarms, and so once again shaving is probably your best option. Unlike your leg hair, however, the hair under your arms grows in many different directions, so make sure that you swipe left, right, up and down in order to properly trim all the hairs.

Your Eyebrows

Maintaining the shape of your eyebrows is far more delicate work than removing large swaths of hair from your legs or under your arms. Because the hair removal needs to be precise, most experts recommend plucking or threading the areas around your eyebrows. Both options are fairly effective, but threading can be more efficient, since it allows you to do rows of hair at a time, rather than tackling each one individually.

Your Bikini Area

Since this area is one that women constantly struggle with, a lot of ladies decide to get the hair down there permanently removed through laser treatments. Unfortunately, this approach can be expensive. The average cost of a single treatment is around $400, and since you’ll need between five and eight treatments before the hair is gone forever, it’s easy to see how that quickly adds up. If you’re looking for a more cost-efficient method, however, shaving is considered by many experts to be a better option than waxing.

Getting rid of unwanted body hair can sometimes seem like a constant battle. But once you know which methods work best for all the areas of your body, that battle becomes much easier to win.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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