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What's The Best Hair Removal Method for You?

There are lots of ways to remove unwanted hair, and the best method for each person depends on factors such as hair thickness and their wallet. If you want to make a change from your current hair removal method, here’s the pros and cons of the best-known types of hair removal.


The classic hair removal method, shaving is easy and cheap. On the other hand, results don’t last longer than several days, and if you aren’t careful with a razor there’s the risk of nicks or ingrown hairs.


Inexpensive and simple to use, depilatories don’t hurt and can leave your skin hair-free for a couple of weeks. They are an especially good choice for do it yourself pubic hair removal. The downside – depilatories are messy.


While waxing does sting, it also leaves users hair-free for a month or more. It’s expensive when done in a salon, and the DIY versions take some practice. Regular waxing results in hair growing in lighter and more slowly. It’s not a good choice for those with sensitive skin.


Epilating does hurt a little bit, but its effects are long-lasting. The more frequently you use the epilator, the less the discomfort. An epilator is a good investment, as it lasts for years. If you use an epilator, make sure to exfoliate regularly to prevent ingrown hairs.

Laser Hair Removal

If you want to spend the money for long-lasting hair removal, laser hair removal is one way to go. The procedure requires numerous sessions based on the hair growth cycle, and it is a bit painful. Other than the price, the downside is that laser hair removal isn’t usually permanent. Once you’ve gone through the initial six to eight sessions, you’ll need an annual touch-up to keep errant hairs at bay. Laser hair removal works best on those with light skin and dark hair. People with red, blond or gray hair aren’t good candidates for laser hair removal, as the laser works by targeting the hair’s melanin and light shades are deficient.


Electrolysis offers permanent hair removal, and once again, it is expensive. It also requires multiple sessions and can hurt. Unlike laser hair removal, people of any complexion and hair color can benefit from electrolysis. While it’s a large chunk of change and a big time commitment, once you’re done with electrolysis, you never have to worry about unwanted hair again.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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