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Laser Hair Removal for Baby Hairs


What are Baby Hairs?

Baby hair is that pesky fine hair that grows around your hair line, making updos a hassle and humidity a battle. It's most noticeable along the forehead, but can also grow along the sides of the hair line and near the nape of the neck. Not everyone has baby hair, but it's particularly common in people of African, Asian, and Latino descent. The appearance of baby hair can range from a downy blonde peach fuzz to long, dark wisps. Previously, there were few remedies for baby hair. But with the advancements of laser hair removal, it's now possible to permanently remove those unwanted little hairs.

Removing Fine Baby Hairs or Peach Fuzz

Some baby hair is very fine, short, and light in color. It's definitely not long enough to style, but it can make women feel self conscious as it is visible in certain light. It can also be felt, which can make intimacy a problem. If you have this type of baby hair, hair removal can be very tricky. Depilatories are fast, painless, and cheap. Unfortunately, they often don't work as advertised and tend to leave fine hair behind. Depilatories aren't recommended to women with sensitive skin, as the chemical that removes the hair may cause skin irritation. Waxing can work, but it's also risky-- all of those baby hairs grow right along the edge of your true hair line, and you don't want to drip wax into your hair. Plus, waxing tends to be most effective at pulling out thick, coarse hair like underarm hair and bikini lines. The wax may have some difficulty adhering to hair that's so fine and slippery. If you choose to wax your baby hair, make sure you visit a professional esthetician with experience working with baby hair. Never shave your baby hair, as it may grow back more noticeable than before and with a stubbly texture.

If you have peach fuzz baby hair, laser hair removal may or may not be a good option. Previously, laser hair removal was reserved for people with light skin and dark hair. The contrast allowed the laser to pick up the location of the hair and remove it properly. But as technology progresses, the candidacy pool for laser hair removal grows bigger and more variable. Some clinics do offer laser hair removal for people with fine or light hair. The best way to find out if your type of baby hair can be removed by laser hair removal is to talk directly with a laser hair removal specialist during an in-office consultation.

Removing Dark Baby Hair

Dark baby hair tends to be longer and more difficult to work in your hair style. It has the tendency to separate itself from the rest of your hair. Straight baby hairs become wisps while curly baby hairs stick out in all different directions. Some women with baby hair choose to style their baby hair in ways that bring more attention to it-- they use combs and gel to mold the baby hair against the head, sometimes into designs. Other women who wish to take attention away from their baby hair use hair sprays, light gels, and even clear mascara to tame the baby hairs in an attempt to blend them into the rest of the hair line.

Darker baby hair is more noticeable, but fortunately it's also easier to remove than very fine hair around the hair line. If it's relatively thick, waxing and depilatory creams may be an option. If you choose either of these methods, you'll have to maintain a regular upkeep. Stubbly baby hairs are even more unsightly than normal baby hairs. Laser hair removal is very effective at removing dark baby hairs, and it's the best way to permanently get rid of them. Your hair line will be smooth and exact, contributing to a look that's very clean.

Kim Kardashian recently spoke out about her battle with baby hairs. She said that she used to have a whole two inches of baby hair along her hairline before she found TRIA Laser Hair Removal System. The TRIA, like all types of laser hair removal, takes between six and eight treatments with eight to twelve weeks in between each treatment.

Scheduling Your Laser Hair Removal

To determine if laser hair removal is a viable option for your baby hairs, we can schedule a private consultation with a laser hair removal specialist in your area. He or she will meet with you to discuss your individual expectations and desires. If you'd like to learn more about laser hair removal or to set up an appointment, contact us today!

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