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Don't Get Burnt: Avoid These Hair Removal Creams!


For most women, getting rid of unwanted hair is a constant headache. Like Sisyphus, you’re locked in an eternal struggle, removing unsightly hair only to watch it grow back in a matter of days. Given how annoying hair removal can be, it’s natural to look for the easiest option available.

Hair removal creams like Nair and Veer seem to offer a relatively hassle-free solution to this problem. But be warned, these types of depilatories can cause serious skin irritation, turning your dream of low-hassle hair removal into a painful nightmare.

What Are Depilatories?

Products like Nair and Veet work by using chemicals such as potassium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide to dissolve unwanted hair, allowing you to simply wash it away. Unfortunately, these same chemicals can severely irritate and even burn your skin.

Currently, both Nair and Veet carry warnings about these potential dangers, and the included instructions detail the safest way to use their products. Still, some dermatologists are quick to offer their own recommendations for how to safely use depilatories.

For starters, only apply the cream to a small patch of skin to begin with in order to see if you’re overly sensitive to its effects. Secondly, have a wet washcloth nearby just in case you have an adverse reaction and need to wipe the cream off quickly. And finally, only leave the depilatory cream on for the shortest amount of time that the packaging recommends in order to limit your exposure to the harmful chemicals.

Even with the potential risk, some women prefer the ease-of-use of depilatories to other means of hair removal, such as waxing, shaving or electrolysis. Still, it only takes one bad experience to show you how damaging these types of creams can be.

A Recent Lawsuit

Earlier this month, a Manhattan woman filed a lawsuit against the makers of Veet after a particularly painful experience. The woman, Lauren Waterman, claims in her suit that she used the depilatory cream exactly as recommended. Afterwards, Waterman went to the beach, and her skin was so irritated and damaged by the cream that she received third degree burns while sitting in the sun.

According to dermatologists, this kind of negative reaction isn’t that uncommon. Some doctors claim that they’ve seen these types of burns and severe irritations even in cases where people didn’t expose their skin to the sun.

We all want to look our best with a minimal amount of effort. But take extra precautions if you decide to use depilatory creams. They may be more trouble than they’re worth.

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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