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Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Atlanta, and there are several local clinics with excellent practitioners who provide the most advanced laser hair removal services. These specialists are happy to answer your questions and discuss the course of treatment necessary for successful permanent hair reduction on any area of the body.

Most Atlanta laser hair removal procedures require a few treatments, spread over a few weeks, for the best results. However, each individual treatment is short, usually lasting about an hour per session. People with light hair and fair skin or those with red hair may require a few more treatments than those with dark hair. The same goes for people of darker skin tones.

In Atlanta , laser hair removal patients who meet with experienced laser technicians experience few if any side effects from the procedure. There is sometimes a little stinging sensation from the laser, but in the end it is short lived and long-term pain is not an issue. Most side effects, like redness and swelling, are minor and tend to go away within a short period of time. With the new lasers used in greater Atlanta and at other clinics in the United States, scarring or other more serious risks are no longer much of a concern.

By undergoing laser hair removal at reputable Atlanta area clinics such as American Laser Centers or Britesmile Medspa, you can rid yourself of unwanted and save the hassle and money associated with daily shaving or waxing. American Laser Centers has convenient locations in Buckhead, Marietta, and Duluth, while Britesmile/Pure has a clinic in Alpharetta.

To schedule a free consultation with an Atlanta laser hair removal provider nearest to your neighborhood, contact us today!

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