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Asian Hair Removal: Will Lasers Works for Me?


Recent technology has made laser hair removal possible for people of almost all skin types. However, some skin types are harder to treat than others. A person of Asian descent can either be an ideal candidate for laser hair removal or a risky one—it all comes down to the individual’s skin and hair type. In the case of Asians, skin color is so varying that it’s hard to make a general statement about the effectiveness of laser hair removal without consulting with a laser hair removal specialist.

Laser hair removal is dependent on the skin’s ability to absorb light. Light skin and dark hair is an ideal combination because the low pigmentation in the skin allows for more efficient hair removal. Dark skin contains more pigmentation and absorbs more light, raising the possibility of risky side effects like skin discoloration, burning, and blistering. The lasers in laser hair removal are also better at picking up dark, coarse hair rather than light, fine hair. Some laser hair removal systems are better than others at working on darker skin types. ND: YAG lasers were specially created for use on people with dark skin, including African American, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, and Asian.

Studies on Laser Hair Removal on Asian Skin

A recent study on Asian laser hair removal shed some interesting light on the topic. The study showed that laser hair removal is overall effective on Asian skin, but may have more complications than laser hair removal on Caucasians. The study involved 144 people of Asian descent, with skin colors ranging from light to dark. The study showed that there was a 55% reduction in hair growth in patients that were treated three times. Patients that were treated fewer times had less success.

So what does the study show? Basically, laser hair removal can be effective on people of Asian descent. It can be even more effective if they go for more treatments. Regardless of race, it’s proven that laser hair removal is most effective on people with light skin and dark, coarse hair.

It’s notable that Asian skin color can vary greatly—just like that of any other race. While light skin may be common among East Asians, South Asians often have darker skin. Hair type is even more varying. The study’s demographics mimicked the variety in Asian skin colors, but that leads to the next question: Is it truly possible to conclude anything about laser hair removal on Asian skin in general?

Find a Laser Hair Removal Specialist

As discussed, the term “Asian” encompasses a lot of a different possible skin and hair combinations. Rather than relying on broad studies and categories, the best way to find out how well laser hair removal will work for you is to schedule a consultation with a qualified hair removal technician with experience in ethnic skin types. He or she can evaluate your skin and give you an honest, customized answer. To schedule your free consultation at a reputable local clinic, contact us today!

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