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Are MedSpas Safe for Laser Hair Removal?


As facilities providing comprehensive medical and wellness care by licensed health care professionals, medical spas (or MedSpas) have long been established as ideal locations for diverse health services and treatments, including laser hair removal.

What Do MedSpas Do?

MedSpas are designed as facilities that merge traditional day-spa treatments with cosmetic procedures. Just like a traditional spas, MedSpas provide services such as saunas, massages, and various body treatments. However, medical spas additionally provide their clients with state-of-the-art non-invasive cosmetic procedures. MedSpas hire only professionaly trained experts who can ensure you receive the best treatments in photo facials, hair restorations, medical peels, laser vein treatments, laser acne treatments, medical microdermabrasions, laser wrinkle reduction, Botox injections and fillers, as well as, of course, laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Basics

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive technique used to reduce hair growth and one of the leading non-surgical cosmetic procedures on the market today. Incorporating a low energy laser beam, the light passes through the skin of the patient to the pigment of the hair. This concentrated beam of energy goes deep to the hair shaft and immobilizes the hair follicle so that growth is restricted. Although it's a non-surgical procedure, laser hair removal is best handled by a trained professional for the best results. Ill-trained laser hair removal technicians may not make the most out of each session or leave the laser on your skin for too long. Ouch!

There are many benefits to Laser Hair Removal:

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