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There’s no way to get around hair removal. It’s a reality for women from puberty and beyond, and the only way to make peace with it is to find the best mode of elimination. With individual skin types and colors, many methods make it possible to not loathe the annoying task.

My Fashion Life reports that though “shaving and depilatories are often used as quick methods for ridding yourself of any unwanted hair, the issue for a good number of us is the fact that we have to suffer irritation and redness as a result, and fairly rapid regrowth is also another negative to contend with.”

But with the bad news comes good. Between laser, electrolysis, threading and a few other methods, women can experiment among the ways to find what is best for them. The first is laser hair removal. Offered either professionally or personally the method offers no mess, but often comes at a high price.

“There are high-end laser hair removal systems that work by concentrating on the pigment at the base of each hair follicle and there are home devices that are designed to work effectively but are considered by some to be best for when touch-ups are required rather than full-blown hair removal,” reports My Fashion Life.

Next is electrolysis. Only offered professionally since it can cause scarring or serious infection, it is important to “ensure that the electrolocist you are intending to use has the required certification and license in place.” The risk is usually considered worth it since the technique permanently removes hair. “The FDA guidelines consider electrolysis to be a permanent hair removal system as opposed to laser hair removal which is classed as a hair reduction system” reports the website of the mode that utilizes shortwave radio frequency to raze the hair follicle.

“It is worth remembering that some laser hair removal systems offer best results to those of us who have a combination of dark hair and light skin, whereas with electrolysis it is considered a suitable treatment for any combination of hair and skin color.”

Threading is the third option. Unlike the first two new-age techniques, threading is done by an esthetician with merely a string of thread. By “twisting and then rolling a piece of thread to quickly remove each hair,” the method has been popular and successful for thousands of years. To maintain shape and stray hairs, the technique usually has to be performed every six weeks.

Tweezing, shaving and waxing are three other ways to get rid of hair and are often the go-to methods for millions of women. Each technique calls for both precision and patience as there are risks involved with all three. With tweezers, “make sure that they are cleaned with rubbing alcohol before and after use, so that you help to reduce the risk of infection.”

As for shaving, the risk is obvious. Using a sharp blade on skin can cut the epidermis easily, which is why using the right razor and shaving lotion for individual skin types is important. “Waxing is also popular and is a method that can be used on most parts of your body but you can sometimes suffer from an infection around the hair follicles,” reports My Fashion Life.

Just as there’s more than one way to skin a cat, there’s more than one way to achieve silky smooth skin. So which will you choose?

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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