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When Men Need to Shave, Trim and Wax: The Ideal Methods for Different Body Parts


Based on the dos and don’ts of shaving, suggests certain tools and methods for a clean and cut-free experience.

With a sharp new blade, shaving brush, hot water and the precision “to shave with the grain in short strokes of no more than an inch or two,” the men’s lifestyle media outlet leaves no more excuses for five o'clock shadows.

As for the lather, just the right amount of product is necessary. “If you can feel the razor rubbing against your face, your shaving cream has failed you in its singular task — to lubricate your skin,” reports the website, suggesting a simple bar of soap rather than expensive lathers.

As for blades, thanks to internet based companies like, the chore becomes a little less pricey in a hairy economy. With the “Shave Time. Shave Money” motto, the business boasts home-delivery of blades like the $1 two-blade, the Humble Twin, or the $9 six-blade, the Executive. Featured by Esquire, the Los Angeles Times, Fortune and CNBC, the club is considered the ideal avenue for frequent shavers.

While shaving is the perfect way to remove facial hair, it is not necessarily the case for other body parts. When smoothing up the chest and underarms, using a high-quality trimmer before shaving will lessen the chance of slicing the skin and keep the blades from dulling quicker due to removing long hair.

Waxing the shoulders and back is often the best way for men to remove hair they simply cannot reach. Though it’s a bit pricier than shaving, having it done professionally assures accuracy, as well as slower growth. Men’s Fitness shared some waxing tips from Lidia Tivichi, a clinical esthetician and founder of Maris Dusan Spa in New York City who specializes in men’s grooming. “There’s no question that I’ve seen a surge in men coming in for waxing by at least 25 percent in just the last year,” says Tivichi.

Concurring, The New York Times reported that “the below-the-belt treatment — which, just like the women’s version, removes either some or all pubic hair — is becoming increasingly popular, and not just among competitive swimmers or underwear models.” Tivichi adds how her Big Apple salon takes waxing one step further by also performing the slightly-painful procedure on the feet, butt, back and chest.

As with shaving, it is wise to trim body hair before waxing to lessen the sting and avoid razor burn on the arms and legs. While not often considered an option by men, laser treatment is becoming more popular with the male gender as the pricey and professional process is the easiest way to remove hair.

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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