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Waxing: Affordable, Lasting and Just a Wee Bit Painful


Without question, waxing is an imperfect solution to an ongoing problem. It’s (sometimes very) painful, (sometimes very) pricey, and after a couple of weeks you get you to do it all over again. Hooray! But as much as regular waxers like to complain about their least favorite grooming practice, it’s important to keep in mind the positives of waxing.

So for any waxing warriors out there that need a quick pick-me-up, let’s take a moment to put the value of waxing into perspective.

It’s Cost Effective

Depending on what you’re getting waxed, you could walk out of a spa or salon paying anywhere from $20 to $100 per session. On average though, most women (and men) who receive regular waxes report spending about $100 a month on waxing. Sure, that’s not necessarily cheap, but think about all of the products and services you regularly buy that cost more than that.

If you go out for a decent meal once a week, you’re almost certainly spending more than $100 a month. Also, if you do the math, $100 probably wouldn’t come close to covering the cost of your daily coffee habit for one month. And be honest: how many months out of the year do you spend more than $100 on clothes? Even if you’re feeling adventurous and decide to ditch waxing for the latest novelty hair loss gadget, odds are you’ll spend more on that than you would for a month’s worth of waxing — and the waxing will actually work.

It Lasts a While

According to most cosmetologists and estheticians, the benefits from a single wax will last anywhere from 14 to 17 days. While that’s far from an eternity, it’s certainly longer than other methods last. Comparatively, the benefits of shaving only last a day if you’re lucky, but let’s look at some comparisons outside the world of hair removal.

For starters, think about the food in your fridge. All that produce likely won’t be edible two weeks from now. Also, what about your latest Tinder relationship: do you think that has the legs to go two weeks? And let’s not forget about your most recent binge-watching obsession on Netflix. You know you’re going to be done with the newest season of Scandal in two weeks or less.

At the end of the day, there’s almost nothing to enjoy about waxing other than the refreshing feeling of silky smooth skin. But the next time you feel like complaining about the pain and hassle of getting a wax, take a breath and remember that, in perspective, waxing really isn’t that bad.

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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