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Review: VEET Spray-On Hair Removal


Hair removal creams have been around for some time, but now there is a product to make the home hair removal process even easier. VEET’s new spray-on hair removal system offers the ease of a hands-free removal process that requires simply spraying the formula evenly across the skin. According to the packaging, after three to six minutes, the depilatory cream removes hair as well as shaving, with much less effort and no risk of nicks. Is the new VEET Spray-On Hair Removal system the best choice for removing unwanted hair? Hair Removal Forum took a closer look at this product to see how it stacks up against the competition and other options in hair removal.

Formula Details
VEET Spray-On Hair Removal formula contains ingredients typically seen in other depilatory creams, including potassium thioglycolate and calcium hydroxide. Potassium thioglycolate works by destroying the keratin protein in hair. Calcium hydroxide is important because it balances the pH levels to ensure success of the hair removal cream. In addition, this VEET product also contains glycerin to smooth skin and avoid damage from the harsher substances in the mix.


  • VEET Spray-On Hair Removal features easier application than other depilatory creams
  • The product works reasonably well compared to similar products on the market
  • Cream rinses off completely in shower, leaving skin smooth and hair free
  • Results tend to last longer than shaving


  • VEET spray-on formula must be applied regularly to maintain results
  • The scent, similar to other depilatory creams, is not pleasant to some users
  • Skin tingles when the cream is applied, which may be uncomfortable for some
  • Use of the product in the tub or shower makes surfaces very slippery

Other Cosmetic Options
Depilatory creams, like VEET Spray-On Hair Removal, are an effective method of hair removal for many people. However, there are also cosmetic procedures that offer even better, longer-lasting results than these over-the-counter options. Two of the most popular cosmetic treatments for hair removal today include IPL hair removal and laser procedures.

  • Laser Hair Removal: As the name suggests, this hair removal treatment uses a high intensity laser light to damage the hair follicle so the hair falls out. This process also makes it harder for new hair to grow in the same follicle, so after a few sessions, laser hair removal may be a nearly permanent solution for unwanted hair. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis at a doctor’s office or medical spa.

    There is little discomfort during or after the procedure and no recovery period required. Some patients notice a slight stinging or swelling right after treatment, which typically subsides on its own within a few hours. Most patients require four to six treatments, spaced a few weeks apart, to achieve desired results. Once those initial sessions are complete, patients usually only need touch-ups once or twice a year to maintain results.
  • IPL Hair Removal: Intense pulsed light hair removal, also referred to as IPL, is another cosmetic option for removing unwanted hair from almost any area of the body. This procedure uses multiple light wavelengths, rather than the single light used in laser treatments. However, like the laser, IPL light beams go directly to the hair follicle, heating and destroying the follicle so that the hair falls out. This procedure is typically less expensive than laser hair removal, and can offer similar results after the first few sessions are completed. In some cases, a combination of laser and IPL treatments can be used to achieve the best possible results.

While depilatory creams like VEET Spray-On Hair Removal offer a fast, convenient hair removal option at home, they need to be repeated regularly to maintain positive results. By the same token, cosmetic procedures like laser and IPL hair removal also offer stellar results – but for a much longer period of time. If you are interested in learning whether these cosmetic procedures would be a good choice for you, contact one of our helpful representatives at Hair Removal Forum to schedule a free consultation at a local aesthetic clinic today.

--Wendy Travis

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