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Trending Now: Laser Hair ‘Manscaping’ on the Rise


It’s no secret that women across the globe take advantage of the countless hair removal options to keep skin silky smooth. Popular treatments include plucking, waxing, depilatories, and laser removal. While treatment options for ladies have dominated the market for years, recent studies show that shifts in social trends are encouraging providers to cater to male patients as well. These shifts are making it more acceptable for men to ditch the scruff; in fact, one London clinic reported that the number of men undergoing laser hair removal rose by a staggering 86 percent between 2012 and 2013.

Demand isn’t contained to just one demographic, says Mike Indursky, the president of the Bliss chain of spas.

“It’s the gay community, it’s the straight community, it’s very conservative guys, it’s very liberal guys. All different age groups are coming in. It’s much, much bigger than we ever thought,” says Indursky.

Bliss, which offers a men’s Brazilian called the Ultimate He-Wax for $125, has seen the demand for ‘manscaping’ explode in recent years. Indursky notes that since introducing the He- Wax in 2011, business at the spa chain has nearly doubled.

Changes in the Marketplace

Convenient, temporary solutions like waxing and sugaring aren’t the only treatments gaining traction among men.

According to American Society for Dermatologic Surgery member H.L. Greenberg, MD, men between 18 and 45 are discovering the advantages of a more permanent solution: laser hair removal. Greenberg states that while women are more likely to seek treatment for their underarms or bikini lines, men are targeting more visible areas like the back, neck, or chest.

While it sounds like something out of science fiction, laser hair removal isn’t terribly complicated. In fact, the process is actually fairly simple: technicians use hyper-focused laser light energy to target the hair shaft, effectively killing the root. Laser hair removal doesn’t damage the follicle – where new hair grows – but it makes regrowth very difficult. The entire process can require 8-12 treatments, spaced 5-8 weeks apart for maximum efficiency. Most patients experience little to no pain and can resume normal activity immediately.

Positive Impacts

The mainstreaming of men’s body hair removal has been a long time coming; Multi-partner Surveys, Inc., a New Jersey-based market research firm, confirmed a sizeable increase in the popularity of male body hair over the course of a nearly decade long study. The findings, published in the Study of Men's Grooming Appliances and Tools, noted a 33 percent jump in ‘manscaping’ between 2005 and 2014.

Rachel Nugent, senior laser practitioner at The Private Clinic, says the shift has positive implications for men worldwide.

“Men are now displaying a far more open attitude towards undergoing beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures, which they know will improve the way they look,” noted Nugent.

“Very often, having a lot of hair on the body is something that gets in the way of men feeling at their most attractive or confident. Today it is completely acceptable for men to invest in such treatments in order to improve their appearance and ultimately increase their levels of self-confidence,” she added.

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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