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The Long Term Results of TRIA Home Laser Hair Removal


Professional laser hair removal has given many people permanently smooth, hair-free skin since its introduction in 1995. Following its success, a number of at-home hair removal devices were launched to mimic its effects. The TRIA® Hair Removal Laser is one of the most popular tools for treating unwanted hair without going to a clinic. It’s affordable, it’s promoted by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and it’s FDA-approved. The company that creates TRIA stresses the fact that it’s comparable to getting a professional laser hair removal treatment, but TRIA’s long term effects are rather different. Read on to learn more about how TRIA works in the long run, and if it’s the right choice for you.

TRIA Hair Removal Results, Over Time

The TRIA Hair Removal Laser recommends treatments every other week. According to their website, it will permanently stop hair growth in six or more months. Users should continue using the TRIA for touchups until hair growth has completely dissipated. Based on TRIA’s numbers, this means that permanent hair removal using TRIA will take at least twelve sessions, with most users needing more treatments to completely dissolve hair growth. By comparison, professional laser hair removal takes only about six sessions.

TRIA’s Low Power Laser

TRIA works by using a diode laser with five different power settings. Although the laser is effective at removing hair over an extended period of time, the highest setting on a TRIA is not as high as the laser that a certified laser hair removal technician uses in a clinical setting. At this point, it would be difficult for any at-home laser hair removal company to create a tool that used the same lasers as a professional treatment: it’s just too risky for general public use. The technicians that perform laser hair removal are extensively trained in removing hair thoroughly without damaging the skin around it. Plus, professional laser hair removal experts can reach spots like the TRIA can’t.

Spotty TRIA Results

According to TRIA’s website, their Hair Removal Laser may not be used around certain tags on the skin including moles, freckles, and birth marks. These tags have the tendency to absorb more of the TRIA’s laser, which can result in permanent injuries. To avoid this dangerous hazard, many TRIA users end up with hair growth around these spots. There is virtually no way that a home user can avoid getting spotty results and safely avoid certain spots on their skin. The lasers used in professional laser hair removal pose the same problem, but the technicians are specially trained in dealing with such issues. Many professionals will either recommend that you have the mark removed before beginning laser hair removal, or they will cover the mark with white plaster to repel the laser during treatment. The result is flawless, complete hair removal with no unsightly spottiness.

TRIA Not Approved for All Body Parts

TRIA is not approved for all-over use. In fact, it’s not recommended for some of the most popular areas for laser hair removal: the face and the genitals. Both of these areas tend to have sensitive or highly pigmented skin that doesn’t fare well with the TRIA laser. Using the TRIA on these areas can result in scarring, burns, and other skin damage. On the other hand, professional laser hair removal is FDA-approved for use all over the face. This includes upper lip hair that can create a shadow even underneath the skin, chin hair, eyebrow shaping, and more. Professional laser hair removal can also be performed on the genital area for permanent silky smooth results.

Professional laser hair removal offers a safer, more efficient alternative to at-home hair removal tools such as the TRIA. To learn more about laser hair removal and to find out if you’re a candidate, contact our representatives today. We’ll book you a consultation with a laser hair removal expert in your area.

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