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Pros and Cons of Four Hair Removal Methods


Let’s face it, getting rid of unwanted body hair is annoying. It consumes both time and money, and although there are a number of hair removal options available, it seems like none of them is truly ideal. All of the hair removal options have benefits and drawbacks, and below we examine the pros and cons of four of the top hair removal methods.


If you’re looking to get rid of unwanted body hair, no method is as simple as shaving. All you need is a quality razor, a little shaving cream or gel, and you’re good to go. Although shaving is convenient, it’s also highly inefficient, as a single shave will only keep hair away for a day or two at a time. Moreover, shaving comes with a number of risks. When shaving, it’s easy to nick yourself, causing painful, unsightly cuts, and shaving can also irritate areas of your skin that are more sensitive.


Waxing is synonymous with pain, and rightfully so. During a waxing session, large swaths of hair are torn out at the root. Before that happens, your skin gets treated to the mild burn of hot wax, usually to the most sensitive parts of your body. On the plus side, waxing does last a long time: usually around four to six weeks. Additionally, waxing enables large areas to be done at once, saving you precious time.

Tweezing and Threading

Like waxing, these methods remove hair at the root, so the effects last for a while. Also, both of these methods are precise, making them perfect for areas like the eyebrows that need to be carefully shaped. Unfortunately, both tweezing and threading are limited in the amount of hairs that they can remove. With tweezing, hairs have to be plucked one or two at a time. And while threading can handle rows of hairs at once, it’s still not practical for larger areas, such as your legs.

Laser Hair Removal

We’ve all heard about the benefits of laser hair removal. After a single session, you won’t have to worry about removing the hair again for a few weeks, and when the hair does grow back, it will be finer and easier to manage. Plus, after six to twelve treatments, the hair loss will become permanent. The primary drawback to laser hair removal is the cost. Depending on the area you want to be treated, one session can cost upwards of several hundred dollars.

When it comes to hair removal, there may be no cure-all option. But once you know how each method works best, then you can use them all to optimize your hair removal routine.

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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