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Review: MOOM Organic Hair Removal Kit


Many hair removal products are available to temporarily remove unwanted hair from various areas of the body. Shaving, sugaring, waxing and tweezing are all popular methods of eliminating hair. Countless home waxing or sugaring products are sold everywhere from drugstores, to salons, to online retailers. Sugaring (also called sugar waxing) is sometimes more appealing to consumers because it does not require hot wax. Instead, a room-temperature solution that clings to hair follicles is applied to the skin and then peeled off. With sugaring, an individual can also re-use a cloth strip. One home sugaring kit, the MOOM Organic Hair Removal Kit, is growing in popularity because it is made from organic ingredients. The solution includes only chamomile, lemon water, tea tree oil, and sugar, rather than the harmful chemicals included in many home waxing kits.

MOOM emphasizes keeping skin healthy while effectively removing unwanted hair. Sugaring, in general, is gentler on the skin than waxing, because it clings only to the hair, preventing skin damage. Plus, it isn’t hot like wax, the high temperature of which can also be harmful to skin. The MOOM treatment is meant to remove only dead skin cells and impurities when waxing, while the use of tea tree oil provides a mild anesthetic, which makes the sugaring process less painful.

Those with sensitive skin or skin allergies may find the MOOM Organic Hair Removal Kit a good alternative to other home waxing kits. They are less likely to have a reaction because of the natural, chemical-free ingredients in the MOOM product. The product is generally safe to use on sensitive areas, such as the bikini line and underarms. However, MOOM recommends that potential users consult with their physician before starting any hair removal treatment.

MOOM suggests that its hair removal kit is effective on men and women alike, and works well on coarse hair. Many online reviews are positive, but some reviews of MOOM Organic Hair Removal have indicated that the process does not always work well on coarse, thick hair types. Some users suggest that sugaring might not grip hair as strongly as other waxing methods, so it may not be as effective for some individuals as it is for others. Others have indicated that the technique of using the product is difficult to master.

Those who have used MOOM hair removal and found it effective, have likely found the treatment convenient and cost-effective, as well, because it can be performed at home and costs less than $20/kit. The MOOM hair removal process is not maintenance-free, of course. Like other home waxing or sugaring kits, after the first few uses, a MOOM treatment leaves the skin hair-free from four to eight weeks. The process itself takes time, and can be messy. Some women simply prefer a relaxing spa experience, where someone else performs the waxing or sugaring. Others tire of the endless maintenance and opt for a more permanent solution, such as electrolysis or laser hair removal, which are also safe forms of hair removal.

Hair Removal Forum can help you learn about a variety of hair removal methods, by setting up your personal consultation with one of our hair removal experts. Our specialists can help you determine which hair removal process is best for your skin and most effective for your hair removal. Whether you’re looking for a shorter-term solution that will keep your skin healthy, or for a permanent hair removal process, our hair removal specialists can point you in the right direction. Get started by contacting us today!

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