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Hair Removal 101: Four Must-Try Techniques


The hair removal industry is constantly evolving and improving; according to the American Laser Center, the average woman will spend roughly 58 days and $15,000 on temporary solutions battling arm, leg, and facial hair over the course of her lifetime. Think about all the time and money that could be saved with more effective, efficient solutions!

Check out the most popular options available to consumers today, and remember; every skin type is different, and may be sensitive to certain treatments. Always test small batches before committing to large scale hair removal treatments.


What’s the difference between waxing and sugaring? For starters, sugaring is one of the safest, most gentle natural techniques available to consumers. A mixture made from sugar, lemon and hot water is used to pull hair out of the roots. Unlike waxing, the mixture only binds with body hair, keeping skin safe from abuse. The hair is removed from the root - which increases hair softness - and can even reduce regrowth over time. This popular technique adheres to dead keratin cells and hair so there is no chance of skin damage, leaving the skin not only hairless but also exfoliated and smooth.

Sugaring is a safe and convenient option for sensitive areas and for those with sensitive skin, as it doesn’t strip away layers of skin with unwanted hair. Another major benefit of sugaring is that the mixture doesn’t dry at all. Instead of the constant ‘dipping and stripping’ of waxing, sugaring allows you to work over an entire area without having to constantly remove and reapply.


Threading is an extremely gentle hair removal option that is very popular in the Middle East and in China. The technique is incredibly precise and is safe for all skin types. Better yet, proper threading decreases hair regrowth, eliminating pesky patches over time.

The technique should be handled by a trained professional, as it is very hands-on. Using a piece of thread, the specialist twists and rolls the thread to remove each hair or an entire row of hairs from the root. Threading can be done on short hairs, with minimal chance of injuring the skin. Threading is usually used on the eyebrows, but can also be done on the chin, nostrils, upper lip and ears.


IPL’s work differently than lasers, as they target the melanin inside the hair follicle. The melanin absorbs the light, damaging the follicle to inhibit new hair growth. IPL’s are unable to penetrate as deeply as lasers, meaning that thicker, darker hairs are generally not treated effectively. In addition, some of the light can be absorbed into the surrounding tissue, leading to a higher risk of burns for darker skin types.


A laser is an intensely concentrated beam of light. An extremely popular and effective option, laser hair removal can be done on almost any part of the body. The energy is extremely focused and very precise, offering powerful, accurate results. Technicians carefully tune laser settings to match individual skin and hair types, ensuring positive results on all shades of skin and hair. Results may vary from skin tone to skin tone, and should be seen after 4-6 treatments.

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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