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From Shaving to Sugaring: Six Hair Removal Methods


A recent Bustle report details the half-dozen methods to get a hair-free bod this summer.

While shaving and waxing are most common, Bustle notes four more permanent ways to obtain that fuzz-free look. Electrolysis is one of the top methods to see the least amount of hair over a long period of time. As the only approved permanent hair removal method approved by the Federal Drug Administration, “it works by destroying the root of each hair at the follicle with an electric current,” reports the site, as electrolysis works for any skin type, whether light or dark. But with permanency comes a higher price: treatment can take up to 30 sessions at around $45 each for lasting results.

Not quite as permanent and usually just reducing “the amount of hair,” as well as making it lighter and more fine, lasering destroys the hair roots with high intensity light and “works best on those with darker hair and lighter skin, though, as the laser detects pigment,” according to the lifestyle website.

Like electrolysis, laser hair removal comes with with a higher cost for larger areas of the body. It generally takes six to 12 sessions for the best results, and Bustle notes that professional salon costs range from $200 to $900 and at-home sessions ranging from $200 to $500. “If the optimal number of initial sessions are completed, you might want to have touch-ups every six to 12 months.”

Sugaring and waxing are less permanent and a bit more painful, but not nearly as costly as the aforementioned high-tech methods of hair removal. Though it sounds sweet, sugaring “works by applying the paste or gel and, depending on the type, either removing it with or against the grain to pull the hair out by the root.” When it comes to waxing, it “needs to be able to stick to the hair, [so] hair needs to be at least a quarter of an inch long before waxing.”

Bustle reports how many Benjamins are needed to have either method professionally applied. While sugaring can run up to $110 and waxing up to $80, the final cost ultimately depends on the body area treated, with larger parts obviously being more pricey. As for at-home kits, sugaring can cost up to $40 while waxing strips and kits can cost up to $50.

Depilatory creams and shaving are by far the most affordable and popular ways to smooth up skin easily at home. By dissolving hair, depilatory creams that range between $4-$40 dollars are relatively inexpensive, but are both messy and often smell bad and “are not always the most effective when it comes to coarser hair,” says Bustle.

Cutting off the hair at skin-level, a simple razor can cost anywhere from $2 to $20 based on the blade preference and brand. “Depending on your preference, replacement blades or heads can cost anywhere from $0.02 to $5 a piece,” adds Bustle, noting that bulk blades are less expensive.

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