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Each part of the body needs different TLC when it comes to hair removal. Body + Soul spoke to a few experts about how to address the hairy head to toe method.

According to professionals each body part reacts differently to hair removal methods, especially when it comes to waxing and laser treatments. This is why it is important to have knowledge of each type of treatment for your own safe usage. Beginning with the face, skin therapist, Melanie Grant of Sydney’s Double Bay Clinic, tells how threading tweezing “catches the hair without touching the skin, so you have the same result as waxing without damaging, burning, irritating or pulling skin.”

This ancient Asian method of removal is conducted by doubling either polyester or cotton and then twisting it over area in question, pulling hair from the follicles. The treatment that usually costs around $25 promises less pain and mess as well as slower hair regrowth. In contrast, when waxing “a lot of therapists cover the whole area in hot wax, ripping it off in one big slab, which not only pulls on the delicate skin around your eyes, it also rips off the really fine hairs you don’t even notice, promoting a thicker regrowth.”

Moving down the visage, removing hair from the upper lip can be done a few different ways according to Grant, who suggests electrolysis, facial epilator, laser, depilatory cream, or threading. Though individual skin types react differently, “electrolysis can be an effective and more permanent solution,” said Grant.

“It involves inserting a tiny needle into the hair follicle and sending a zap of electricity to kill it if the hair on your lip has recently grown thicker or darker,” she said. The method is not inexpensive, with a 30-minute electrolysis procedure costing approximately $45 a session with several sessions required for full treatment. As for the cheek area, “laser, heat therapy, threading or depilatory creams,” are the best methods mentioned Grant.

Grant, explaining how “peach fuzz” on the face is often due to a “change in hormones or simply genetics”, suggests removing it if it is heavy. “If it’s caused by a hormonal imbalance, I’d recommend threading while also consulting a doctor to focus on treating the cause by correcting the imbalance,” said Grant along with using an at-home depilatory cream, “heat therapy can also be used for hair removal. It takes longer than laser, but suits fine facial hair.” Expensive but effective, Grant suggests the no! no! Pro5 at almost $400 as the best method for helping with “waxing the cheeks as you don’t want to stimulate growth in this area.”

Next, underarms, arms, and legs can be treated several ways. Keeping armpits pretty by lasering or shaving are two ways to wipe away unwanted hair. While “shaving can be a fast and affordable option but may cause irritation,” Grant said, “laser hair removal prevents regrowth by reducing nutrition supply to follicles.” The usual cost for the needed 10 sessions is approximately $49 per treatment.

As for the arms and legs, the longer limbs respond best to hair removal by laser, according to Nikita Lee Paul, of Laser Clinics Australia. According to the skin expert laser treatment on the arm commonly causes “a mild erythema [reddening of the skin], lasting up to 24-48 hours post treatment.” With three sessions required at roughly $120 per treatment, the method is a matter of finances for many. Also a matter of finances, “a full leg wax costs about $50 for both, while IPL will set you back about $180 total,” according to Body + Soul.

After any aforementioned treatments, heat and sun should be avoided. Lastly, going bare at the bikini line can be done by laser or waxing. “Shave 24 hours before the appointment,” said Lee Paul. “Make your skin closest to its natural colour by avoiding spray tans or gradual self-tanner.” In terms of its cost, laser treatment is approximately $189 a session with more than one usually required while waxing goes for $25.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about laser hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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