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Different Body Parts Benefit from Different Hair Removal Methods


There is a time and a place for everything, specifically when it comes to hair removal.

After all, legs are far less sensitive than the bikini line, so it makes sense that different methods should be utilized depending on which body part you’re removing hair from. Health magazine consulted Mount Sinai Medical Center Whitney Bowe, a renowned East Coast skin doctor, for her take on how to remove hair from different body parts.

Starting with the sacred bikini area, Bowe recommends two methods for below the belt, first lasering and then shaving. From one end of the financial spectrum to the other, laser treatments can cost up to thousands for permanent results while a set of shaving tools stays under $20, but only offers temporary results.

Having hair removed for good would be ideal, but again, costs are high when it comes to technological treatments. “Stubble along the bikini line can be a constant struggle during the summer months. If you’re tempted to zap it for good, consider laser hair removal treatments from a board-certified dermatologist,” reports Health, noting it takes up to about eight sessions to permanently remove hair.

Bringing up how bikini and underarm skin are both sensitive, Bowe suggests shaving when it comes time to removing hair underneath the arm. Shaving in multiple directions since hair grows “in a whirled pattern” is key to seriously smooth skin, so “swipe your razor up and down and corner to corner to make sure you snag every last hair.”

Yes, the thought of sliding the razor up and down your calves and thighs every two to three days is tiring in and of itself, but “old-fashioned shaving is still your best bet,” says Bowe. She suggests at least three laser treatment for thick, coarse hair to help thin it out, making for more manageable upkeep in the shower. Bowe recommends “two passes with the razor in each spot as you move across your leg.”

“The first pass should be in the same direction as the hair growth; then swipe in the opposite direction, against the grain,” she explains, adding it will create a pointed hair tip that appears thinner when growing in opposed to “a blunt, square tip.”

When it comes to facial hair, Bowe believes laser treatment is the way to go, especially if hair is coarse and dark. But this method calls for patience, with a few sessions need for hair-free results. Recommending a more “immediate solution,” with depilatory creams, Bowe says Bliss Fuzz Off Facial Hair Removal Cream is a great buy.

When it comes to eyebrows, “each brow encompasses such a small area of fine hairs,” says Bowe, who recommends plucking or threading when it comes to shaping the hair above the eyes. “These two methods give you more control than waxing or shaving, and the results last about three to four weeks,” she says.

Next time you go to remove unwanted hair, remember these tips and utilize the best method for silky smooth skin on every region of your body!

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair removal, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today.

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