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Can You Use Microwaves to Eliminate Body Hair?


For most of us, the microwave oven is our go-to appliance when it comes to preparing meals. But can the same technology that defrosts chicken and reheats leftovers really be used to eliminate unwanted body hair? According to Miramar Labs, a medical device company located in California, microwaves can do that and a whole lot more.

A New Hair Removal Alternative

Nowadays there are numerous ways to remove body hair, but all of them come with some sort of drawback. Shaving has to be done daily and can lead to embarrassing nicks. For a lot of women – and men – waxing is just downright painful. Of all the options, laser hair removal may be the most convenient, but it can be very expensive when all is said and done. Also it’s not suitable for everyone, as laser treatments aren’t effective on certain types of hair and skin pigment.

Most laser hair removal techniques rely on color contrast in order to target hair follicles, making it most effective for people with light skin and dark hair. The treatment doesn’t work as well for people with fair skin and fair hair or for people with dark skin and hair. Microwave hair removal, which Miramar Labs calls MiraSmooth, doesn’t rely on color contrast, which means that it’s effective for virtually everyone.

Eliminating Sweat Glands

The MiraSmooth system isn’t the first microwave-based beauty technology that Miramar Labs has developed. The company’s previous innovation, MiraDry, uses microwave energy to permanently get rid of sweat glands, eliminating moisture and odor for people who sweat profusely. Although the idea of using microwaves to eliminate sweat glands may sound even stranger than using them to get rid of unwanted hair, both dermatologists and patients are reportedly impressed with MiraDry’s results.

Is It Safe?

For some people, the idea of bombarding their body with microwaves sounds a little scary, but microwave energy has been used in medicine for decades and is generally considered to be as safe as lasers when it comes to cosmetic applications. During a MicroSmooth procedure, a local anesthetic is used to cut down on pain, and the recovery process isn’t significantly worse than a waxing or laser treatment.

Perhaps the greatest endorsement of MicroSmooth’s safety is that the FDA recently approved the treatment. Unfortunately, this approval only came last month, so the technology still isn’t widely available. If you’re interested in seeing what microwave energy can do to your unwanted body hair, then check with your local spas and dermatologists to see if they’ll be getting a MicroSmooth system.

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